The first three are from the Leland Kermit the Frog/ Jim Henson museum. It is probably the world's smallest museum, with the world's most enthusiastic tour guide. She was way old, but clearly LOVED her job, and probably doesn't get enough human contact during the day. Good times. 
Last picture is from the Indianola Pecan House which was really cute, and has a million flavors of pecans. I can always buy y'all some if you have any unique pecan flavor requests :) we drive through Indianola a lot either on the way to Jackson, or Greenwood. Did I mention we drive a lot? 

We went to the Winterville Mounds last P-day, which is what the first few pictures are from. Ancient Americans made these giant mounds for temple sights, burials, etc. Pretty cool stuff. Now they sit in the middle of giant fields of cotton. Sister Welch's last companion thought they were giant mounds of hay...
My friends sent me a Christmas package way back when, but it never arrived. We'd given up hope, but then this last week what do you know! A very banged up box was chilling on our porch. Sometimes Christmas comes two months late.

Pictures from the marathon, the group picture is us with Amy and Amanda. They're both ward missionaries and are really great (the one with the curly red hair is Amanda who is Welch's cousin).
The picture with me holding up nine fingers is from the celebration dinner we treated ourselves to at this random cute diner.

The first two are from Mongie's last Sunday. The first one is with the STLs, the second is with my old companions the Purvis Sisters. Next is us with our German ladies, and then us with the humvee.

Crossing the Mississippi river on the way back from Texas 

Our fancy pants dinner that we made for ourselves (we thought about cooking some legit chicken, but chicken nuggets are just so easy). 

cute little breakfast that Sister Mongie made me while I was on exchanges in Oak Grove on my birthday. 

The flame pictures are from burning my six month shirt

Sometimes we accidentally spend the bulk of P-day making sculptures. 
Wise use of time? You betcha!


McMurtry, Markle, & Borja
Biking Day of DEATH  

Mustached Markle & McMurtry

State line at the Texarkana post office

 Texas / Arkansas 

Two states at once!

Sister Markles Bed- Showing off her cute "markle" sign above

The Elders found this sign:)

Sister Markle loves her new bike & basket!

 in Texarkana!

Sister Markle & Sister Harker

Sister Markle and her trainer Sister Harker

Gator Park

Sister Markles District

A Big Jackson Mississippi Mission Welcome!

26 new missionaries arrived to the JMM (22 Sisters and 4 Elders)

Sister Markle with President and Sister McDonough

At the Mission Home

Sister Markle is assigned to Takarkana, Texas!

Sister Markle and her MTC companion Sister Shallbetter

 Provo Missionary 
Training Center!

Sister Markle's MTC District

Dropping Off


At The MTC


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