Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014


Our stand at ULM was a success! Instead of lemonade or hot chocolate (messy messy messy) we went in favor of passing out candy on Halloween. I figured it hit two birds with one stone: 1. We were able to lure people in with an appropriate gimmick (who doesn't want candy on Halloween?!) 2. We were able to distance ourselves in people's brains from Jehovah's Witnesses (we were openly celebrating a holiday). Oh ya, and we wanted to share the gospel too... Anyone that came for candy got a pass-along card (we passed out infinite cards), those that stayed to chat usually accepted a pamphlet (we passed out over 10), and then also gave away four copies of the Book of Mormon (everyone that got one asked for one too, which was pretty cool). I kind of Bible-bashed with one of the people that ended up asking for a Book of Mormon, he was acting super weird, and then tried shooting us with his anti-Mormon-misinformation beams, which we deflected with the shield of faith of course AKA cold hard facts courtesy of the Book of Mormon. College kids are pretty weird. Some long-boarders wearing scary masks tried to creep us out a few times, and we learned that Draco Malfoy can talk for days. All in all, it was a really fun day.

Have I ever told y'all about the Mustache Man? Well, his real name is R, but he has a mustache that thoroughly covers his mouth, and sometimes makes communication with him rather difficult, as we don't speak mustache. Anyways, a couple weeks before the end of last transfer we had about twenty minutes before a dinner appointment, and decided to tract in a neighborhood called Treasure Island, because it was exciting sounding, and the Spirit said to. At the last house we met R, who's from Georgia, but is in Monroe staying with a friend so he can sell Mona Vie (this health drink that heals you). Apparently the company is owned by Mormons, so he knew some stuff already, and asked for a Mormon Bible. We obliged, he didn't seem too keen on letting us teach him, so I gave him the Resto, Plan, and Gospel pamphlets too (he said he liked to read...). We called to follow-up a week later, and found that he had read all the pamphlets, was pleasantly surprised that we also believed in pre-Earth life as well as multiple levels of heaven, and was in 2 Nephi. Say whaaaat. Taught him the first week of this transfer while we still had Baby, and he was still super cool, but expressed that he doesn't want to come to church until he finishes the book, because he's been seriously burned by churches in the past. Our return teaching/meal appointment got rescheduled for this past week due to the tornado and his busy schedule, but we were on exchanges, so I didn't get to go. Essentially he made them the hugest huge sauce meal of deliciousness (I DID get some leftovers :), and accepted their baptismal invite. He said that if he got baptized right now it'd be because he liked us, so he still plans on waiting until after he's done with the Book of Mormon. The Mustache was in Alma 3 last week though, so it's just a matter of time! He also said he hasn't found anything about polygamy in the Book yet, so that's a good sign too ;)

Love y'all bunches!
Sister Markle
Draco Malfoy asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon!

We set up a stand on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe

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