Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10,2014

Dear Family,

So I guess this is my last email? That's weird. Am I supposed to tell you people what time my flight gets there? Cause I didn't bring my boarding pass to the library (I think that might classify you as trunky if you carry it around with you...), but I'm pretty sure we leave Mississippi at 9AM ish, and get to Salt Lake around 1PM ish. You're welcome.

Cool story of the week award goes to the lesson we had this morning. Proselyting isn't supposed to begin until 6pm on P-days, right? Wrong. If you take an hour for dinner after 6 on P-day for a meal appointment, then you make up for it by beginning proselyting at 5. Mind you, I wasn't aware that was a thing until I came to Monroe. Also we aren't supposed to write letters except for during free P-day time. Mind you, I wasn't aware that was a thing until Monroe either. Communication of do's and don'ts in general is sometimes a problematic thing down South :) ANYWAYS when Elder Zwick came to our Mission he promised that if we were all able to get two lessons Monday evening, then the baptisms would double. President liked the sound of that, so we have a new key indicator tracking Monday night lessons.

On Tuesday we did our Thirsty Thursday (since MLC was Thursday and Friday, we needed to bike a different day), and tried following up with all the former investigators. A couple weeks ago Sister Parmenter had a bad migraine, so I had a date with the Area Books, and after getting them in order put all the former investigators in our GPS. None in the area we biked to were home, but we were able to meet N while in the process. We walked up to a house that someone had been taught at one time five years ago, and even though I figured they'd moved, we went up to their neighbor (N) who was sitting in a car, and asked if she knew the person. She said no, she and her family had just moved in a few weeks ago with her Mom. N said before she'd moved from the other side of Monroe, some Elders had taught her a little at the door. We asked N if she'd like to learn more, she pondered for a solid 5 mississippi's, and accepted our offer. She asked us to come back Monday at 10, and we were too excited to meet with her that we didn't push the P-day issue. At MLC I asked if Monday morning lessons fit the criteria for Monday night lessons despite you know, the sun still being up, and President said it fulfilled the purpose of starting the week off right, so ya. For your information, Monday morning lessons are now officially the best lessons.

Not only was N home in body (always a toughy), but she'd also just finished reading from the Bible so she was spiritually there too. She grew up Catholic, is currently going with her husband to a Baptist church (did you catch that she's married? Also a toughy), and is searching for a stronger relationship with God. We had a super spiritual/ still covered all the points in the Restoration/ still extended all the commitments/ still committed her to baptism next month/ still got out of there in only 45 minutes lesson. It was good stuff. She loved the Joseph Smith story, and said that she prays for the spirit of discernment, so believes that what he saw was possible, but also believes that Mohammad wasn't a prophet (proving that she doesn't just buy into everything, which sometimes I worry about). We're teaching her again on Wednesday, and she promised to find a time we could meet with the rest of the family too! Yay for the elect!

Lots of Love,
Sister Markle

Way too dark - but a beautiful sunset on the Mississippi River.

Sister Parmenter and Sister Markle

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