Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Two full circle moments this week:

-While waiting for sisters to pile out of the transfer van this past Tuesday, we quickly realized they were one short. Sister Martin is serving in West Monroe and was waiting for a sister to come be her companion, but instead that poor sister went home due to health problems. Too bad nobody informed any of us, but to all of our surprise it wasn't too weird and we just rolled with it. Sister Martin was our temporary companion for the week and we worked the combined Monroe/West Monroe super-area, and just left the combined numbers as the West Monroe sister's proselyting area because it was too confusing and we were over there most of the time (we got a lovely phone call from one of the Assistants to the President yesterday asking nicely for our area's numbers because all he had was zeros... haha we told him that he did in fact have our numbers ;). Funny thing was that Sister Parmenter and I had been joking last transfer that we wanted an STL baby (AKA we wanted to train together), so we joked that Sister Martyn was our baby, and she just came pre-trained. Literally, she's been out for like fifteen months. Despite the fact that she's been out longer than Sister Parmenter, we called Sister Martin Baby all week, and she called us Mom. It was pretty tender, and not demeaning in the slightest. Full circle moment because when my companion went home early due to back problems I hung with the STLs for a week too.

-Next up we went to MLC on Sunday and Monday, with Elder Zwick of the Seventy there to teach us cool things. We were allowed to bring Baby with us, and on the way back last night we swung by Wesson MS and picked up her new companion from the trio there. Full circle moment because the sister had just been transferred there, it was going to be her second area, and she's been out six months, which was my same situation when I was ET-ed, I mean "moved," from Purvis to Oak Grove. What what? Also Sister McMurtry was part of that sister-trio so it was all sorts of nostalgic.

Moving on from those two fun things, this week was pretty rocking. Our temporary trio was all sorts of fun, and we taught some pretty powerful lessons together. Best moment came from teaching a nonmember in the member home he's living in right now (West Monroe area), and teaching a really great lesson only to have my baptismal invite taken over by the nine year old member that then told a random story when the guy was about to respond. When I re-extended the invitation he gave a lame maybe answer, but we all agreed it seemed like he was going to say something different the first time. Kids will be kids, and it was probably one of the funniest fail moments I've experienced in a while :)

A cute kid named U was baptized this week, but he's only 8 and his whole family are members, so we didn't really teach him, but still taught him. I don't know if I told y'all about Sister R, but Sister Newman and I tracted into her adult daughter, who wasn't interested in learning, but told us that her mom was a member, so we should visit her. Sister R has been coming back ever since, and was really only inactive for.... I actually don't know how long but they moved from Texas like 5 months ago, so at least that long. Not too bad by Southern standards, plus they're really great. Yay for U!

Another random occurrence: there was a tornado that blew through Monroe and West Monroe yesterday, but we were in Jackson during it, so were safe and sound. There's some random trees blown over, but besides lots of power outages, the damage isn't too bad.

Last random thing: President called us Wednesday night and asked us to spend Thursday in Bastrop handing out half price movie tickets, because it was one of the only theaters in the mission to be showing "Meet the Mormon's". It was pretty fun stuff, and our Zone gets to see it Friday when President brings a copy to show :) should be great! We also have Zone Conference tomorrow in Shreveport with Elder Zwick, so this week will be pretty different, but maybe not quite as different as this past week. Different = fun though so life is good.

Love y'all a bunch!
Sister Markle

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