Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Dear Family,
Sometimes we go to Jackson for MLC, and sometimes these MLC's are a lot more exciting than others. Elder Zwick came to our mission last December and promised us that we could double our baptisms the next year through our own efforts, but through the members we could triple our baptisms. This tripling didn't happen, so people were kinda bummed, but we have a new goal! So far we're at 170, so President McDonough gave the challenge to get 33 baptism each month for the rest of the year to achieve the goal of 300 baptisms. In order to get there we talked about having a greater focus on our purpose, and having more faith to invite to baptism. We ALSO talked about how the standards for music vary greatly around the mission. There was a unanimous decision (between 30 leadershipy missionaries) to create the new standard of only listening to music sung in General Conference. Hahahahaha never thought I'd live to see the day, or though I'd be a part of the decision! Let's just say there are some angry missionaries in the MJM right now... Worth it! By the end of the year the mission's average amount of time in the field will be 4 months, so it's better changes happen now than later. Plus maybe my singing can improve now that I can listen to music again, singing to fill the silence just hasn't been pretty this past month...
Ch dropped us out of the blue on Tuesday, so that was simply absurd. She seemed pretty decided about wanting to go to her family's church instead of ours, but was super afraid of hurting our feelings. We assured her that no, we don't hate her, but also not to give up on the Church forever or stop reading the Book of Mormon. We'll see how set she is about her decision, so I guess to be continued?
K and A are tough cookies. He believes that once saved always saved, that election happened before the world was but that there's nothing you can do about this election, it was simply because of God's grace (this would make God a respecter of persons, which is simply false doctrine). Today's plan is to go back to basics, and dish up a healthy dose of Restoration and, of course, the Spirit (not to be confused with the soda Sprite).
We had our finding caps on this week, and had a really great lesson yesterday with a young couple H and P. They had a million questions for us about the Church, and random doctrinal points; it seemed like they've had hell preached to them quite a bit, because they readily accepted the doctrine of the Spirit World as a much more sense-making alternative to their Baptist view. They seemed really open, so hopefully this week we'll get to see them progress further towards the truth!

Have a blessed day!
Sister Markle
P.S. While having dinner with the Stake President and his family (they live in our ward), I discovered that his daughter-in-law is cousins to a Hermana Uribe serving in Costa Rica/trio-training none other than Hermana Markle! It's a small Mormon world after all.

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