Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

A did in fact get baptized and confirmed yesterday by her husband after church (so sometimes the South is sketchy and people don't get confirmed in a Sacrament meeting...). YAY FOR A!!! Probably the only hitch was on Wednesday when she texted and told us none of the suits in Monroe or West Monroe fit her or R (R played football in high school and basically he's a pretty big dude), and they were worried they'd have to postpone until some could be ordered. I was just surprised they'd thought to try on the suits ahead of time, and her concern was swallowed up in my excitement over the fact that R would be able to baptize her. We made some calls, and luckily we were on exchanges in Magnolia at the time, so the next day we just swung back through El Dorado and borrowed some of their suits. Much to A's chagrin she had to get baptized in a dress with ruffly sleeves, and a bow-tie. This fact was not made any better when she tried it on right after we'd had like a four hour car drive, lots of sugar, two exchanges, and were slap-happy (justifying...) so I might've cried I was laughing so hard. She just looked so mortified, and you all know how much I enjoy bothering people... We repented by wearing bow-tie shirts in support ;) I also made a little Sister Newman doll, so that she wouldn't have to be sad for not being able to be there. People may have thought I was creepy, but really they were just jealous that they don't have a little doll made of themselves. Wait in line people, wait in line.
In other news the work was kind of slow this week. Granted I was out of our area for two days, but alas. We could possibly blame it on one of the sisters we went on exchanges with in Magnolia; at some point during dinner, she stood on her chair and pronounced what sounded like an African curse on us (she's from, you guessed it, Africa). She claimed to have said something nice, but we guessed she was cursing our hair to fall out. Who knows, maybe she was cursing our finding efforts ;)

Love y'all bunches!
Sister Markle

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