Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

I think my mission bucket-list is slowly coming forth point by point, because while I don't have an actual list, we find a new "mission" every time an item is accomplished. This week we decided it'd be pretty swell to teach a lesson with the McDonoughs (the Mission President and his wife...), which is realistic because they're coming for Stake Conference this weekend (Elder Zwick of the Seventy as well as an Area Seventy is also coming, because the Stake Presidency is changing). We decided to call President up, and the dream became even realistic-er. He said they had time for a lesson right before driving to Shreveport after the Sunday session, so this evening we're going to see if it would work for K and A, because we figure they'd benefit most from the McDonough's awesomeness. Story to be continued next week.

This week we had a double-dose of exchanges; I brought a West Monroe Sister to our turf Tuesday, and then stayed in Bastrop Thursday while Sister Parmenter did her first exchange in Monroe on her year mark. We also got sick. As in I'm still sick, but on the mend. Friday-Sunday were rough stuff, but we pushed through. The standards of excellence for tracting and copies of the Book of Mormon lent in the mission is 7, so that's what we did. We also gave two church tours this week, and had a couple come to church that Sister Parmenter met quick on Thursday, and we taught once on Saturday. They may have thought we were Jehovah Witnesses, which is why they let us come back Saturday (it must've been opposite day), but they were still interested even when we cleared that up. Their names are N and A. I didn't even cringe too much when the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom were brought up in Gospel Principles (both of which they aren't living...yet...), and then the Relief Society lesson was completely on temples and the work for the dead. If they're ready they're ready, but their eyes were extra glow-y when they left church, so I think that's a good sign ;)

I've been such a good little girl, and have contented myself with the one quick email Sister Creager sent me a month ago, as well as random bits of second hand information from Greenville's STLs at MLC, but last night the silence finally ended. I finally got my Greenville update. All is well in the world. Linnie's still doing awesome, steady and sure, progressing at her own pace. They had L teach them the Restoration a couple weeks ago, and when they asked her what the difference was for her this time through it as opposed to the first time we taught her it, she said that this time she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. Too good. Operation Cleveland has been a success, they go there every single week now. ALSO a recent convert moved to Cleveland to go to the University there, so every Thursday when they work there they get to go on splits with her. The Lord provides! Ready for my super exciting, unexpected news? They had a baptism a few weeks ago, and the lady was able to go to the temple this past week, and is crazy converted to the gospel. Here's the story. A couple weeks before Sister Welch was transferred, our Zone Leader Elder Bird was on exchanges in Greenville, and gave us like ten old teaching records from their area book that were actually in our area (Elder Bird had re-opened Greenville the summer before, so that's why he was involved). Sister Welch and I didn't contact any of them, but when Sister Creager came, we steadily worked on the list. That last Thursday before transfers, we finally contacted three of our last people, one of which was the lady that got baptized! It was a crazy rainy day, and even though we were finally able to meet her, they were getting ready for a baby shower, so we weren't able to teach. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and set up the return appointment for the next week. While I'm barely involved in the story, it was still really exciting to hear, because no one has been baptized in a past area that I'd even met. Until now. Bucket list item = check.

Love you bunches!
Sister Markle

P.S. While inserting my SD card to upload some pictures, I discovered it is now empty. Luckily I'd filled my other card a few days before leaving Greenville, so there's only a few goodbye pictures that are gone forever, rather than a whole area. Monroe is gone forever though... I hadn't taken TOO many pictures, plus Sister Newman probably has most of the important ones anyways, but still. Lame.

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