Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

Dear Family,
Transfers were today, and guess what! I've been transferred again! Psych. I'm dying in Monroe, and that's that :) No, but Sister Newman did leave me. She's going back to Mississippi to take the place of her kid Sister Forbes in Collins (near Hattiesburg). She's had her five transfers as an STL, so she was a little nervous but mostly excited for her next/last six months as a normal missionary again. Sister Parmenter is now in Monroe with me, which is really exciting because she was just companions with Sister Welch, and I'd kinda thought it'd be fun to be companions with her... God is good at granting wishes! Would you like some more exciting news? Well, if you insist. Sister Borja is now an STL on the coast, which makes me one proud grandma. She was in the middle of training a new missionary in Madison, but they swapped her out for the STL she was replacing, so her trainee/my great granddaughter is in good hands. Mission genealogy is still the weirdest thing.
This week has kinda been loco. Good and bad. We'll go with the bad news first. We got dropped by L, and we really only taught him that one lesson. He had to keep cancelling on us, and then told us that he was planning on giving us back our Book of Mormon and Restoration DVD at our next meeting. They were left in "pristine" (his words) condition (DVD still in wrapped state), so clearly he didn't get much use out of them any old ways. I'm not bitter. We determined that he got anti-ed by his family, but hopefully his next encounter with the Church will bring better results. Second bad news, but less totally bad was that Ann (from my cool story last week) had to cancel our appointment this week, and told us she'd "call us." This is typically Southern code for adios, but it's not a complete closed door so we'll see if we can weasel our way in again :)
Good news time! A finally set her date! She will be getting baptized on September 20, which is cool because we met her on July 20, and she set the date on August 20. Too cool. She was really really really really sad to see Sister Newman go (she's never had to deal with this transfer business, so kinda just figured we'd both be there for her baptism), but she's still going strong!
In other news of the good variety, we were biking in the hotty-hot-hades-hottness on Saturday to our tracting area, but then felt inspired to pull over and take a picture at a cool church sign. Why was this inspired you ask? Because it then led to us realizing that we were both impressed by the street before the aforementioned church, so we went back to go tract it. Two hours later, and we were sweat puddles, BUT there was a cool mid-twenties man who told us he'd had a lesson from Elders in Bossier like ten years ago, and ya would actually be interested in us coming back to teach him and his wife. We went back yesterday, and taught K and his wife A, and boy it was something. They're crazy smart, and really know their stuff. He had read the Restoration pamphlet, checked out mormon.org and lds.org, and then some mormon apologist site (never heard of it, but sounds like it covers deep doctrine so I don't think it's church sponsered). We asked if he had any questions, and boy did he ever. He was concerned over our doctrine of "where God once was we are now, and were God now is, we can be" except not the potential to be like Gods part, but that first part about the origin of God, and reconciling that with scriptures. Did I mention he has a degree in psychology, and is in a seminary school? He also had a question from 2 Nephi 25 about our understanding of grace. Wooooo Nelly. He set our return appointment, because he's "really searching for truth," and they should be coming to church on Sunday. They're cool, but it's been like never that I taught a tough cookie that knew their stuff. It'll be good stuff.

Love y'all bunches!
Sister Markle

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