Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Dear Family,
Miracle of the week: Once upon a time I've been praying for new investigators, so's when the ones we're currently working with get baptized we're not left high and dry. Cue three unexpected referrals this week from missionaries serving in our zone that met people for us. The coolest referral came in the form of an 18 year old freshly graduated kid. The West Monroe Sisters tracted into him while he was babysitting for his family, taught a "straight out of Preach My Gospel level first lesson," and committed him to a baptism date of September 20. The one problem? He actually lives with his older brother in Monroe. In our area. Holler! Funny thing is Sister Newman and her previous companion actually tracted into his older brother, and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. The sisters then happened to find out that one of the Bishop's daughters is friends with the brother directly younger than the brother we are teaching, and she began inviting him to church. He never came, and when we followed up with the eldest brother a few weeks ago, he gave us back the Book of Mormon and said he'd skimmed through a bit of it, then was going to throw it away, but didn't want to be disrespectful. Unbeknownst to any of us, the middle brother was being prepared! We were able to teach him on Saturday with a member, and L's super excited to keep learning. The elect are out there!
Sad story of the week: One of our sisters has been having back problems, and made the decision to go home to heal, then do her utmost to come back out. We got to be her unarmed escort to the airport in Jackson on Friday, which was really cool since Sister Benjamin is my sister! (She was trained by Sister Harker in Shreveport after Harker left Wake Village) I know I said this story is sad, but it was an adventure at the same time, so we were happy-sad to be involved. Sad she's hurting, happy she's going to get some rest, happy we got to have a roadtrip. Life is complicated.
Sister Benjamin's companion had the option of pulling a Sister Markle and chilling with the STLs until transfers, but for some reason didn't want to be a bother because we still have exchanges left to do. I had no problem being a bother, so that probably makes me selfish. Or something. INSTEAD we were able to take one of the Sisters from the Winnsboro trio, and plop her in Bastrup with the newly companionless companion. The funny thing is, Sister Cole (the sister taken from Winnsboro) was actually trained in Bastrup, and was companions with Sister Baker (the one that lost her companion to the back demon) in the MTC. Sister Cole had been receiving revelation this transfer that she wasn't needed anymore in Winnsboro, should be ET-ed, and thought it'd be nice to get to go to her old area with her old companion. What the. It would seem that Heavenly Father prepares his servants in more ways than the expected! Expect the unexpected.
Suffice it to say, Friday involved a lot of driving, so we figured what the hay, we'll just do exchanges with the leftover Winnsboro sisters while we were already at it. I brought Sister Dalebout to Monroe, and it was my first time exchanging in my own area. It was good stuff, especially since Sister Dalebout was one of the sisters I exchanged with when I chilled with the STLs after Mongie was consumed by the back demon. Life came full circle to the fullest.

Love y'all to infinity and beyond!
Sister Markle
Proof that I really did unpack - and, Katie & Kami's huge letters on my wall!

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