Monday, July 21, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has been so absolutely absurd. The Bishop here likes to say, "Sometimes we just have to laugh to keep from crying," a lot, which is very true of life here in the Mississippi Delta. The weirdest, craziest things happen, and all you can do is laugh. Here's the highlights:

Last Monday we had an M 'n M night at the church (Milkshakes and Movie), which was a little activity we threw together with the ward mission leader. We had a really good turn out (a few different member families, and a couple of our investigators), and it ended up being lots of fun. Sister Creager and I were in charge of the lesson/movie portion of the FHE, so of course that's where the hitch came into play. The twenty minute clip we were trying to play refused to let us play it; the dvd would not skip to that part of the disk, unless it first decided to change languages on us. Ridiculous. We ended up watching a different clip, which was good too, just less attention-grabbing. If something can go wrong, it usually does :)

We went to watch the Restoration movie with JaJa this week, and two minutes into the movie the popo shut us down. While we didn't calculate just how long she spent outside talking to the cop, our best guesstimate based off of the timetable is right around half an hour. We were trapped, wondering what on Earth was going on for half an hour. The good news? When she did make it back inside, we were able to finish our film and invite her to be baptized. The police may shut us down temporarily, but no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! (the other good news was that he was there for her sister, not her :)

L and A are both still doing really well. About a month ago we gave L a copy of the Blueprint of Christ's Church devotional by Tad R. Callister, and she's a really thorough studier, so the past few times when we go over we answer her questions from the talk before whatever we had planned to teach. Last week it was about eternal marriage, this week baptisms for the dead. It was really cool, when we read from 1 Corinthians 15:29, she said she remembered wondered about that verse years before, but none of her Bible study guides mentioned anything about it, so her question was never answered until now. Essentially L knows it's all true, her hold-up is just F, and finding a way to move forward while still staying true to the vows she took to care for F at marriage. She's a really cool lady, our dear L. A went to FHE with the Elders at a members home on Friday, where our district leader grilled her with the baptismal interview questions. By the end he was stunned, and asked her why she wasn't asking for baptism. A told him that she's in the flesh, and the Lord is still working with her. L and A are the L-iest and A-iest, so the only one who really knows how to move forward is the Lord. Their time will come!
Contacted a media referral who requested a bible out in Cleveland this week. Sometimes I really worry about people. This lady meditates in graveyards, wherein she frequently gets mistaken for a corpse, and jumps out of trees at people. Yes, sometimes I worry about people.

On Friday we had to phone a friend (AKA Amy Turley) for help, because Sister Creager's back tire popped. Ended up locking our bikes to a random tree, and after fixing the bike met the owner of said tree. We were barely in the Elders area, so they ended up with a really cool referral. Perhaps that wheel was destined to pop, we shall see!

Other cool and not so cool stuff happened this week, but by email time my brain gets wiped clean. So that's all folks!

Love you lots!
Sister Markle

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