Monday, July 21, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dear Momma,
Thanks so much for the package! We had just pulled up to the apartment's mail center last Monday, when I remembered that I'd forgotten to remind you about a new journal. I was all like "Nooooooo, now it'll be forever, since CC's leaving next week, and I'll be forgotten, boohoo boohoo whiney whiney waa." Sister Creager then came back from the mailbox with my package in tow. Speak of the package and the package shall appear! Thanks again, you're the best :)
Holy canole, it looks like nose surgery is all the rage now. This is the last week of the transfer, so I'll be finding out on Saturday if I'm staying for another six weeks, or packing my bags, and getting voted off the island. I think it could go either way at this point; I've already been here six months, so generally that means bye-bye, but they're leaving people in areas longer, so who knows. Plus there's still some details to work out about Operation Cleveland, so maybe they'll leave me another transfer until it's in full swing. IDK. I will be sending home a big ole box of clothes 'n things today, just in casies.
This week was a whole bunch weirder than I was expecting; sure it was a holiday, but I didn't think it would make too much difference. Cue families in town, families out of town, and people asking us to wait until next week to come. Lame sauce. We still were able to see some people though! A is going to be in Chicago the next few weeks, but when we saw her on Saturday she said that she's come to her decision, it's just moving forward, you can't just keep worshiping the wrong way, etc. which we interpret to mean she wants to be baptized. Yay! L is really close too, but the other secretary for her church is gone for all of July, so she won't be able to come again until next month, but we're going to try setting her with a baptismal date again this week. C+C are still doing really great too, but since marriage has to come first, and green card has to come first first, it'll still be a while. Patience is a virtue! The past five baptisms in the ward are all inactive for various reasons, so really our long works in progress are for the best. We all love the stories of finding the people that are prepared right then and there, and get baptized three weeks later, but even though those people are out there, generally speaking missionary work is more of a waiting game. Good things come to those who wait (and work), so no complaints :)
We had two run-ins with cockroaches in the bathroom this week. By "we" I mean Sister Creager had two run-ins, and that I was spared lest I have a heart-attack and die. I hate all bugs, but cockroaches are the spawn of Satan. In other crawly things news, I ate mud-bugs (AKA crawfish) for the very first time on the 4th. They were actually really tasty. I also ate shrimp for the very first time on the 4th. They were also actually really tasty. When people say that you change on your mission, they don't lie. I still don't like fruit.
Even more crawly news: I held a baby skunk. It was cute.
Other news: Operation Cleveland. Here's the scoop. I serve in Greenville, but our area is gigantor-rama-sauce. There's around fifty or fewer at church each week (we may or may not be a ward that is actually a branch), but a lot of the active families live out in Cleveland which is a city about 45 minutes to our north (we may or may not have only four ish active families in Greenville). Operation Cleveland involves us getting permission to drive back to Cleveland with a family that drives down for YW's each week, and then stay the night with a different family, and then go on visits with other members Thursday, and then get brought back home Thursday evening. Lots of member coordinating, but we think it'll be worth it, as it'll equal a whole lot more members involved in the work. We made a rather pretty poster to keep track of all the details, and wanted to implement the plan this week, but probably won't be able to until next week. I'll keep you posted :) unless of course, I get transferred. Who's to say!
I'm so excited for CC!!!! It doesn't seem real that she's leaving, so you'll have to send pictures at the MTC to prove it. Otherwise I'll just keep thinking it's a really elaborate prank. I wouldn't put it past y'all. On second thought, it'll probably take a few pictures from in the field before I'll fully believe. Seeing is believing when it comes to Markles. Bunch of punks.

Love y'all!
Sister Markle

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