Monday, July 21, 2014

July 15, 2014

I don't even know what to say about this week. Whirlwind. Funny story first. This lady came up to me in the produce aisle of Walmart last week, and told me that I was such a "pretty little girl" and that she was going to "steal me from my mom"--after tanning me up on the beach first of course. I told her that I'd turn red, not black, so her plan might not work out. She noticed my badge and then told me that she knows Jesus too, but she doesn't call him Jesus Christ because if you read in the bible people don't have last names. And people wonder why I generally avoid the produce aisle.
Church yesterday was awesome. I had the lovely opportunity to give a talk (third time in this ward :), and out of the blue a random family showed up to church! A really nice young mom with her four kids live just down the road from the church, and she said she'd been wanting to visit. During Gospel Principles we helped her understand the Holy Ghost better, and got her information to teach her later this week! Random miracles are the best. Sister Creager and I then taught Young Womens about baptism and taking the Lord's name upon us, and it was loads of fun. Another random miracle story happened on Saturday. We had just stopped at Wendy's to use the loo, then decided we'd run over to an active-ish family right after. We had planned to possibly try them later that evening, but we decided to just head over there. We showed up, they let us in, and they had a 20-something family friend chilling with them, that we introduced ourselves to. After a little chit-chat he had to go. Come to find out they had JUST been talking about the missionaries with him, he wanted to meet some, and they told him to just come over next time the missionaries came. Then we knocked on their door. Say whaaat. He hopefully will become an investigator this week.

We may have set four people with baptismal dates this week, which was cool. Sad thing is those that accept baptismal dates are the ones that either disappear or you can only maintain semi-contact with. Those that are date-resistant are those that stick. Even though all our return appointments with these people fell through, they were really cool, so if the sisters can get back in contact with them it'll be good stuff. I got transferred today by the way! Say what! Sister Creager is now training and I got moved to Monroe to be an STL (Sister Training Leader). Operation take over the world is a go. Duck Dynasty is WEST Monroe (which is different from normal Monroe), so I'm not in their exact neck of the woods, but pretty darn close. New Companion is Sister Newman who was actually trained in Greenville by Sister Cottrell! (my Oak Grove housemate) She's great, and we're going to have lots of fun obviously. I don't know if y'all have heard of Sister Training Leaders before, but I think the closest equivalent would be Zone Leaders, except without people accounting for numbers to us. We go to Missionary Leadership Conference every six weeks, and on exchanges with the six sets of sisters we cover! I'm way excited. It'll be like that little taste I got when Sister Mongie went home early, and I road-tripped with the STLs, except legit now. I'll probably die in Monroe, which is weeeeeeird. I've officially served in all four states my mission covers! Louisiana was all I was missing, so I have officially completed my collection :)

3980 Old Sterlington Rd.
Apt. 1101
Monroe, LA 71203

My SD card filled with goodbye pictures is back in the apartment, and I can't even send any that are on this card, because the computers at the library are snail today. Look forward to more to come! But probably only if someone straps these computers to the back of a cheetah, otherwise I will throw in the towel completely. Maybe not. We'll see.

Love y'all oodles and boodles!
Sister Markle
P.S. CC is a missionary. So weird.
P.P.S. My package of clothes was good stuff, and you know it. Some were winter clothes I didn't have room to lug around, a few things I wanted but not for mission, and the rest I'm pretty sure were just straight up for Katie and Kami. Probably should have used labels... but I figured it wouldn't make a difference to them ;)

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