Friday, June 27, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dear Family,

You and CC are quite the lucky ducks. I hope your vacation in paradise ends up being lots of fun!  (but of course, not "too" fun, as that would be ridiculous ;) Good luck with the talk! Poor Jessika :( hopefullly they get everything all worked out! That's crazy that Mike is getting released by skype, I've never heard of that before. He's a lucky duck too.
This week has been chop full of adventure. It was weird leading the area, since I haven't been lead dog since Sister Harker left Wake Village way back when. Crazy, no? It was a good feeling to be able to fill in Sister Creager on all the work that is going on here, because I've been able to see lots of progress over the past three transfers. We went from little to do, to always having something, and having lots of people to work with. Plus all the people here are amazing, so that doesn't hurt either :) Sister Creager was confused at first by the absence of baptismal dates for L and A, but after we threw every trick in the book at D (another old black Baptist lady we recently started teaching) on Saturday, she now understands. Some people are just utterly resistant to date setting; they have such a firm faith in Christ, that no matter how many times you explain the concept of goal setting, they go back to the fact that they know that the Lord will answer their prayers, and that it will happen in His own due time and way. It's kind of a result of the religious culture here, so even though it's a little frustrating from our standpoint, it's just an obstacle that has to be worked with. At least they have strong faith! (and of course the Lord WILL answer their prayers, goals just help us to show our faith, and help us work towards the desired outcome)
We had another really great lesson with L, and she finally expressed her concern about her husband F. She wasn't sure she could even get baptized if he wasn't, and due to his Alzheimer's she also has to make sure she's making the right decision for the both of them. He really enjoys their Baptist church (especially singing in the choir), and hasn't expressed any interest coming to our church, so our next challenge is helping him to want to come... We'll keep you posted, as always.
We taught the Plan of Salvation this week to C+C; it's seriously my favorite lesson to teach, but it can be a tricky one, especially if you happen to be with members that enjoy deep doctrine discussions... Thankfully C already has a testimony, and C (girlfriend) is impossible to scare despite talk of Heavenly Mother and complicated temple doctrine that only Heavenly Father actually knows. C (girlfriend) is one of those cute humans that is super open/ agreeable, and is always smiling/ laughing, so you're always left with a question mark as to how much actually makes sense, and where to go from here. Plan for this upcoming week? Pulling out the big guns. We're going to talk about Waptism. Wedding-baptism. I'm stoked.

Due to a last minute schedule swap (one of the Seventy wanted to have a meeting with President McDonough), we ended up having to make the looong drive to Jackson twice in one week. Once for transfers, and then three days later for interviews. I was pooped. Ten hours of driving also musta increased my probability of a run-in with the law, as I got pulled over for the very first time in my life this week. I may or may not have been speeding in the middle of nowhere so that we could make it back from Jackson before... well it was going to be after curfew (9:30) no matter what, I was just trying to get us home as close to curfew as possible. Popo shut us down. Let off with a warning? You bet. Gave him a card and invited him to learn more? You bet. He was a nice man, he deserves the gospel. The end.
Too much to even talk about from this week. It's been a good one. Crazy. Busy. And oh so good. Love all y'all!
-Sister Markle

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