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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It was soooo good to see y'all Sunday :) it was another batch of pure silliness, so it felt just like I was home. Christmas really doesn't feel like it was so long ago, which is scary because there is about the same amount of time left until I'll for real be home as there was between this and last phone call. Bum bum BUM!

And yes, taquitos are of the utmost importance, and the slightest chance of their nonexistence must be handled appropriately. I'm glad that they're still likely in circulation, and our Walmart workers are just lazy. It means my future taquito prospects just got brighter, so thanks again.

Quick recap of the week: We got to go with some of our ward members to help with tornado clean-up in Louisville Mississippi Saturday (I'm on the Arkansas border of Mississippi, and Louisville is near the Alabama border, so we had to get permission from el Presidente). It felt like being part of a news report, because that's really the only time I've seen such devastation before. I mostly have pictures from the first house we worked at, which was almost completely demolished. The lady was a horder, so we had to sift through all the debris to save her wet junk. She's going to go through the gigantic piles we left for her, and I really hope she doesn't save much of anything. Fresh start. It was crazy to see some houses so ruined, and their neighbors basically untouched. Tornadoes are insane. The end.
Yesterday we had interviews with President, which is an all-day process since we live so far from the rest of civilization. On the way down we stopped at Onward, MS which is the site that Theodore Roosevelt gained the nickname "Teddy" for not shooting a bear. That makes it the birthplace of the Teddy Bear, which is pretty cool. Sure beats last week when we accidentally drove too far during our search for the house from the movie the Help, and ended up in Money, MS which is where the infamous Emmett Till murder happened (he whistled at a white girl). That's Mississippi for you. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
The work is still going well here, but I think the only major development was that L is still progressing :) On Wednesday she said that she had talked with her husband about baptism, and that she feels really good about everything, but then doubts creep in. She wants to be firm enough in the faith to be able to defend her beliefs, and she doesn't feel ready yet. We're still working with her to recognize/be confident in the answers she's receiving, but it is SO amazing the progress she's made the last month, even with us only being able to visit once a week. The Lord always provides a way :)
I love you all oodles and caboodles!
-Sister Markle

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