Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Whew-y you had quite the week. Your emails always put mine to shame. Katie's class sounds like way fun, she'll have to take some pictures of her work so I can ogle at it too. I can't believe Sophie is so grown up. Is she still working on a degree at UVU too? I forgot that CC won that game show, that might be the first show I watch when I get home! Haha when is she going on her trip/ did she ever decide who was coming with? I tried to be supportive of your Birthday bike race, by having my own little one, but due to flat tires and it getting to be too late, I had to call it quits after lap 20. So you only got a lap for each of the years that you've had me in your life... pregnancy not included... Happy Birthday anyways! :)
My brown shoes are by far my most worn down pair, all the others are in excellent condition. I've been trying to be better about not wearing them so much, but sometimes I just can't help it. I may or may not be currently wearing them today as well. I may or may not have also worn them yesterday. I have a problem.

We meet so many new people all the time here, that it really feels like our teaching pool is constantly shifting. We've got our few tried and true that stick around, but other than that it's a hot mess trying to keep everyone's names and stories straight. Thank goodness for planners, otherwise my brain would've thrown in the towel long ago, and left me a vegetable.

Yesterday Alma came to church as well as C+C! We were ridiculously happy. C+C had to leave after Sacrament meeting, but Alma was able to stay for all three hours. We went from having no Gospel Principles last week due to nobody at church to attend, to having a full class of almost 20 this week. The Lord always provides. I'm constantly amazed by the seemingly unending supply of part-member families that pop up exactly when needed. A less-active who brought his older sister and friend along (without any help from missionary or members) a couple of weeks ago, brought them for sacrament meeting again the next week, and then dutifully had his little company stay for all their meetings this week, enabling us to have a nice chat in Relief Society with his sister, and score a teaching appointment for Thursday. Unexpected miracles are the best kind.
Good luck with your interview, and good luck to Kami and CC too! May the odds be ever in y'alls favor!
Sister Markle

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