Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sooooo your package was the most perfect package. I've been dreaming of good chocolate chips for weeks, my paper stash had gotten a little low, I had a hunger for caramel popcorn and didn't even know it, and I had forgotten all about my subtle hints from forever ago that I wanted you to send me Harry Potter stamps, so they were the most perfect surprise. All in all, a most perfect package. Thank you!
Dad sent me some Color Festival pictures, but he didn't tell me that everyone thought Kami was me. I did have to double-take at her pictures though, because upon first look in one she looked like CC, and in the other she looked like Taylor Skelton. Weird. Brandon got a job?!! So exciting!!!! I read through your story a few times, because it was just so perfectly Brandon and Josh, that it made me really happy. Brandon will likely revolutionize the company for the better, but it will probably entail Josh losing it (losing both the company, and his marbles). Too fun. The colonoscopy on the other hand sounds like no fun. Is it just because the billboards say to once you reach 50 (I don't actually know if they say that, but that sounded better than saying "routine check-up," so what the hay), or does it have to do with the weird diets that you had to go on a while back? Regardless, it still sounds like no fun. St. George on the other hand, sounds like lots of fun. Oh wait, that's three hands I've mentioned (unless all the fun is being carried in the same hand..), so things just got weird. Want to know something else weird? Some people were filling out March Madness brackets a few weeks ago, and based off of no background information, I said that Florida was going to take it all. Sister Welch just told me that her Dad says that Florida is in the Final Four. That's right. If they end up taking it, then I am totally proclaiming myself a psychic, right up there with that octopus that guesses the Super Bowl.

I realized this morning that tomorrow was April Fools Day, and my companion just stared at me, trying to gauge how much of an all-out prankster I was. I had to assure her that I am simply the carrier of pranking-genes, but that it must be a recessive trait, because I'm not an actual prankster. I just like to think I'm one... Which might just maybe mean that tomorrow I'll have to actually be one. We shall see.
The STL's came on Tuesday, and I went on an exchange with Sister Devenport. We spent the bulk of our day with our Relief Society President driving here there and everywhere, so it wasn't much of an exchange, but was still fun. We tracked down this lady that steals everyone's wallets when she comes to church, and do you know what we did? We invited her to church. Haha actually she invited herself, but still. The address we had on the roster for her was in the hood in Leland and looked vacant, but we got some very obscure directions from a random passing dude as to her new abode, and somehow we found it even though it wasn't the house after the brown house across town, but was the brown house itself. Silly mistaken random passing dude. But ya, she said she was planning on coming to church on Easter, so we made sure she still had the address and meeting time. Luckily we have plenty of time to warn the ward of her arrival.
Our Catholic friends from the service thing invited us to an inter-faith luncheon at the Methodist church, so we went and represented. We were also the youngest people in attendance, by half a century or so. Haha just kidding, there was a handful of middle-aged people, I'm sure. They had a roll-call of a ton of churches, but The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wasn't on the list, so they had to add us on at the end. Like I said, we represented. While we ate they had a Lutheran preacher preach to us, and he was all sorts of wrong. He just needs to brush up on his Plan of Salvation doctrine, and also quit throwing in sympathy cards of randomly talking about children being molested in Africa, and he'll be set. Bless his heart.
We were finally able to go visit a media referral named Georgetta that lives in this place called Glen Allen, which is a little town that is even more in the middle of nowhere than Greenville is. We were in the middle of a field, and on Georgetta's dirt road we passed this scary run-down house that I was sure glad wasn't hers, and then we passed a half fallen in shack that I was sure glad wasn't hers, and then finally got to the very end, and saw this cute little house that was thankfully hers. Georgetta met the Elders outside her sister's house in Greenville last summer, and they gave her a card. In January Georgetta's daughter died, and I guess at some point she called the number on the card, and got in contact with some sister missionaries serving at a temple somewhere. Not sure about all the details, but they taught her a little, and we got her as a referral two-ish weeks ago. Because she lived so far, we had to wait until we could catch her on the phone, before making a member drive out there for us. She was such a sweet lady, and was in disbelief over how nice we were. She said the missionaries on the phone were nice, but that's probably because they didn't believe her when she said she was black. Say whaaaat? I mean, I knew racism was alive and well, but this was definitely my biggest run-in with it. Georgetta said that she's not planning on converting, but I think she'll be singing a different tune pretty soon. We shall see. She's just going to be really hard to meet with because she has a weird schedule, and oh ya, lives out in the middle of nowhere, but she's still really cool.
The work is still pretty slow-ish investigator wise, but never fear-o. We know there are people out there that are being prepared to hear our message, and eventually we'll like find them or something. Or better yet, they'll find us :) hahaha love y'all!
-Sister Markle

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