Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm glad the bike training is going well, and that fun stuff is happening. Yay for Big Maddie! You'll need to send me a picture of her and her beau together for sure :) Fun fact: Sister Welch's cousin informed us that at the elementary she Teach for Americas at here in Greenville, the kids call other kids who have significant others as being "beau-ed up real deep." No good. Babies need to stop having babies.

As far as your questions go, the Elders went and saw Kevin and said that he's moving to go get help. That's really for the best, but I'm glad that we got to help him even if just a little, and I know that someday he'll get back in contact with the church and remember those awesome sister missionaries he met while he was in need. I probably didn't explain myself very well last week, but Dreamer is JaNautica's mother. This week we haven't been able to meet with Dreamer at all, but we've been able to teach JaNautica twice, and she's still really awesome. She hasn't been able to come to church yet, but during our last lesson Sister Welch had the impression to invite her to be baptized, but wasn't able to follow through because it's been months and months since she's ever felt that way during a lesson. Next lesson she's going to invite JaNautica, but some extra prayers sent our way couldn't hurt :)
I've got good news, and bad news about Sheila. You want the good news first? Well, if you insist. Last Monday we had just hopped in to the car with Sister Turley, when all our plans fell through. Dreamer had to bail, and all the people Sister Turley wanted to visit teach in Greenville had excuses. She decided we'd snag her husband and drive to Hollandale to see two less-actives there, BUT Sister Welch convinced her that we should stop by Sheila first, and see if we could catch her. Catch her we did. Sheila let us right in, and let us know that she's been in Toogalow(?) or Tugaloo(?), let's just say somewhere that sounds funny and starts with a T, for the past two weeks with her daughter, and had forgotten her phone. YAY! She wasn't avoiding us! Happy, happy day. We were able to teach her the Stop Smoking Workshop with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife on Wednesday, and it went so well. We also found out that she has two younger children living in Yemen. Sheila is quite the globe trotter. Ready for the bad news? Well, Sheila had to cancel on our appointment Thursday because her daughter from the T-city randomly showed up, and wanted to go to Jackson. Not TOO bad, but we haven't been able to continue support for her week of the Stop Smoking Workshop, and even though she said she took her stuff, we don't know if she's picked back up the cigarettes. She texted today, and said due to crazy family stuff she doesn't know when/maybe if she'll be coming back to Greenville. Noooooooooooo. Sometimes your investigator with a baptismal date disappears for weeks, appears for a few days, disappears, appears, then disappears again. Her time will come. Eventually!
Also here's a random missionary fact: just as bad, or perhaps more so, than going over miles in your car is going under. Truth. Last month we only drove like 700 miles (even with a 100 mile single day venture to Indianola in an effort to boost our number), and our allotment is 1,150. At Zone Conference two weeks ago one of the Zone Leaders made a comment about it to me, and I tried to hurry fast and let him know it was only because we didn't have to ever drive to Jackson, and only had to go to Greenwood for district meeting once. He let the subject die. This morning we got a call from his companion asking us what our thoughts were on cutting our miles. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Remember earlier this month how we thought we'd only have 10 miles a day since we were going to Jackson twice and once to Greenwood, and the Elders were throwing in an extra trip to Jackson for Transfer point fun? Not a fun time in our lives, I'll admit. We thought their 300 mile decision to not go, had saved us, but it would seem that there are still vultures circling over head. At least I know that if that day happens, I will be able to accurately express my feelings through extra dramatic writing. For all y'alls sake, I hope that day never comes.
Love you oodles and boodles!
Sister Markle

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