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Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Family,
Conference was so so good :) I had jokingly told Sister Welch on Saturday that they can't stack sessions of conference, and instead they try to spread all of our favorite speakers out. After the Sunday morning session I totally think they stacked conference. Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar, and President Monson all in one session? Too good. I even got to see a little of Elder Oak's talk, because we were helping Sister Turley make sugar Easter Eggs to give to people she/we visit, and we thought watching the Priesthood session from the night before was probably more appropriate than the random show that came on after the last session of conference. What I saw of Elder Oak's talk was really good though :) Yes, church gossip finds it's way even to the Delta, so I've heard plenty about the women's group. So sad, but hopefully some of them have had a change of heart.
I don't know what Katie's talking about, the white handbook simply says "funds from the mission." Everyone here calls it our BOA card, because it just looks like a normal card from Bank of America. She needs to get over differences between rules and doctrine it would seem. Oooooh snap!
I will admit, the colon picture was pretty gross. Silly Daddy. Nobody wants to see a picture from inside their Mom, they already spent 9 months looking around in there, and have had their fill. Haha but I am glad that you have a clean bill of health :)

We figured out that we could drive ourselves to Glen Allan once this month, so we'd set up an appointment with Georgetta for Friday. Luckily we called her right before we left, because she ended up having to cancel since she wasn't home, and had thought that when I said "come tomorrow evening" I had actually meant "come tonight," so she waited on us. Lame sauce. We're going back out this Wednesday with Amy again, so we'll (hopefully) get to see her this week.
It would seem that church hopping is becoming a normal part of the week here. This week it was Baptist bible study. I actually liked this one. The Elders had tracted into a guy named Reverend Ray, and it turned out that he had investigated our church like 15 years ago, and almost joined, until there was some mix-up about being baptized in the name of the Joseph Smith. Random. Anyways, he was still really appreciate towards our church for helping him to rebuild his faith, and had never met sister missionaries before, so we got volunteered to tag along to his Wednesday night study at their church. There was maybe like twenty people there (Sister Welch, Amy our member-friend, and I were the only white people), and everybody was really nice, and welcoming. Reverend Ray lead the study, which was mostly a sermon, on the Gifts of the Spirit, and there were only a few small things he was off on. He even let the Elders have some time at the end to speak, so they read a Book of Mormon verse that tied in. Overall, really fun. Tune in next week for the Kingdom Altar Prayer Breakfast.
Cool story of the week award goes to Thursday morning. First, the back-story: Like a month ago we were with Sister Welch's cousin Amanda, when all our plans for the evening fell through. We literally called everyone in our phone, and then the one appointment we scrapped together fell through too. Trying to be a team sport Amanda suggested that we could go tracting, she's a returned missionary, and is familiar with days like that day. Tracting lasted all of three houses before she remembered how much she hated it, and we had to quit. The last house we knocked that night said we could come back when they weren't sick, so when we were in their area this Wednesday, we figured we'd try to stop by. Met the wife who said she was busy cooking, but that we could come back the next morning at 10:30. Happy day, right? Not when you show up the next morning, and some random lady chilling in their driveway says that their family is never home in the mornings. Shoot. Before we had got out of the car though, I had spied the across the street neighbor on her way to her garbage can, and had the thought that she looked nice, and we should go talk to her if there was time. Once our appointment fell through, I remembered the nice looking lady, and told Sister Welch about her. We went on over, knocked on her door, and she let us right in. Best lesson I've had in a while! She was really nice, and open, and was really appreciative that we had caught her home, since she works, but had taken the day to do some spring cleaning. Yay for being lead by the Spirit! Keisha said that she would watch general conference, and even wants us to go talk to the youth group at her church soon to get them excited about spreading the word :) She seems really active in her Baptist church, but hopefully she'll stay open to receiving more truth!
Love y'all, and I hope you had an awesome Conference weekend!
-Sister Markle

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