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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's so crazy that it's already May! It's so crazy that I've almost been out for a year! The time has flown by in such a ridiculously long-short way. Craziness. We hitched a ride with the Elders down to T-point since one of them had finished his two years, and guess who else was going home?! Sister Harker. My trainer has officially gone the way of all the Earth. Weird. I also got to see Sister Borja, so that was really fun to catch up with both of them. Sister Borja just barely left Wake Village (she was there for 7.5 months aka 5 transfers), since President has been telling us that he's leaving people in places longer (she was with her last companion three transfers, which is happening a lot in the mission right now, including to me!). Sister Borja is now serving in Madison, which is where Sister Harker was trained, and where she left to go to Texas with me. We have officially come full circle. Say whaaaat.

Random "how'd I get here" moment of the week:
Once upon a Friday we heard about a parade that was going to happen the next day. We got all excited, and figured we could meet lots of people. The next morning we drove around for like an hour, and see nothing. No parade. We were so confused, and figured that only in Greenville do they have parades that you can't find. As it turned out, the Elders were misinformed about the start time, and were instead given the time that the people in the parade were supposed to show up, and in true Southern fashion basically everyone was late. Also, we were expecting a normal parade. We were misinformed. Instead, it was a parade to get all the kids pumped about testing, so each school had people go and march. It was weird. Every school here has a cheer-leading squad, including Elementary schools. It's a big deal. We were only able to meet a couple people, and were about to give up and do something else, but then we saw this lady we'd met before. Did I ever tell y'all about Sister S's friend Cynthia that we gave a Book of Mormon to who immediately started flipping through and freaking out because the names weren't from the Bible? ("Nephi?!...Alma?!...MORONI?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!"). Good ole Cynthia. We talked with her for a bit, then she told us we should walk with her in her school's section. Join a parade? Booyah. She gave us signs, and we jumped right in. We met lots more people, and hopefully the badge got some attention from onlookers. It was good stuff, but the course was way too long for the kiddos, and everyone was dying by the end. And then someone fell out of a truck and broke their leg. The end.
Random phone call of the week:
The Assistants to the President in the Temple Square Mission called this week, so I had a very interesting conversation with them while we walked on the side of the road. Our mission office secretary was well meaning when she put in her request for us to be able to talk to the sisters teaching Georgetta, but in the end it was in vain. The APs essentially told me that we can't coordinate our teaching, and that their sisters have been calling Georgetta since September, and have taught her all the lessons now. Say whaaaaat. Not what I was expecting at all. Also it was Sister APs, which totally makes sense because there's only sisters there, but I'd never actually thought about it. We weren't even able to see Georgetta this week, so our make or break it lesson was scheduled for next week... but then we called her yesterday, and she told us she's been working double shifts at work, and is just too pooped. We asked if she would like for us to keep meeting with her, and she said she'll call when she's ready. She'll have her day! Eventually!
Happy story of the week:
When we followed up with L about her reading this past week, she said she'd read the whole Plan of Salvation pamphlet, PLUS Alma 40-42 (normally she just reads about chapter a week), and she said she's starting to believe it could be true! HALLELUJAH! She's so close, she just needs to get/recognize her answer now :)
We'll be able to Skype, I'll get you the address next week. Good luck to Katie and Kami! Love you all!
Sister Markle

P.S. For Mom's Relief Society lesson: In Oak Grove we had a really interesting conversation about discernment with a recentish convert who couldn't come to church due to work. She said that she was blessed with the ability to recognize when people were struggling around her, but when she was struggling spiritually, then it became harder for her to discern others needs. We compared it to when you're on an airplane and you're supposed to put the air mask on yourself before attempting to help those around you; we have to get to a spiritual point where our own needs are met first before we can begin to help others. Maybe that's helpful for your lesson, maybe not, but it was a cool experience :)

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