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Monday, April 21, 2014

You guys are really stalker-y. I was going to tell you that someone broke into my package at the post office, but not to worry, I made sure to tape it back shut so I could open it for reals on Easter. It wouldn't have even been lying either because I did break into it at the post office. I figured you would only have written "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL EASTER" if you wanted me to surprise you by opening it early, you know, reverse psychology. Really you have to be more specific next time.

Bad news first (as always): I have a sad Georgetta update. We went by on Saturday to see her, and it was not the best of times. We asked if her telephone missionaries had called her, and she said that they had, and had tried to get her to be baptized sometime in May. Those weasels tried to set our investigator with a date. She once again reminded us that she did not plan on converting, and is pretty content sitting on the back row at her church with her mouth shut, and not knowing her bible very well, and that you can just go to the church that fits you best. We basically had to go back and teach the Restoration again, and assure her that we weren't there to force her to do anything, but that what we've been teaching is true, and can bring her the most lasting happiness. She then informed us that she's been doing her research, and we practice polygamy, and she wants us to meet her preacher next time. Booooo. She doesn't even touch the computer (it reminds her of her daughter), so this polygamy business came from her preacher and the stupid show Sister Wives. She's really just trying to find any fault that she can, and now that she can't accuse us of not having black people at our church, it's polygamy. We thoroughly explained it to her, but if she's not ready then she's just not ready. I really really hate writing people off, but hopefully she gets another shot at the truth.
On a happier note, Georgetta did talk to someone about us, and gave us a referral all of her own volition. So even though she's not converting, she's still a missionary. What a keeper.
Good news: We taught L all of the after death Plan of Salvation stuff, and it went so well. She is really just so open. After we got through, she asked if she would keep learning more about all of it as she keeps reading the Book of Mormon. I explained to her that the Bible and the Book of Mormon all have pieces from different prophets, but for the full understanding that's where a modern-day prophet steps in. I explained to her what the Doctrine and Covenants is, and she said that she would like a copy so she can continue her study. We printed off D&C 76 to give her next week, and we're ordering her a triple combination. So fun. She's absorbing everything we teach her, she's just taking her time with it all. Due to her schedule (she's really active in her church...) we can only see her every Wednesday at 3:00, but she reads through a chapter or two from the Book of Mormon between each of our visits. Slow and steady wins the race!

More good news: Last week a less-active walked over to the Turley's (the family we eat dinner with every Sunday), and they set up an appointment for us to go over and have dinner this week. His name is C, and he was converted in like 2010 in a different state while he was finishing his doctorate in etymology. He moved to Greenville for work, and was active for a short time, but then was diagnosed with leukemia and fell off the map; after he had recovered, he got really busy at work, and started working Sundays, then moved, so the ward lost track of him.  His girlfriend C lives with him now, and they are a super cute couple. He's from Ecuador and she's from the Philippians. When they first started dating she was taught by missionaries in Texas, but the Elders were really pushy with baptism I guess, so C wants us to start teaching her again, but be more discreet this time. Lots of potential! We're going back to see them again this week, so hopefully we can get something rolling :)

All in all, it was quite the week. Some good times, some bad times, some meh times. Being a missionary is like living a whole life in the space of 18 months. It never stops being weird--in a good way of course :)
Love y'all! Thanks for everything (especially my pre-Easter package)!
-Sister Markle

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