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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey all y'all,

Last week I promised to tell you about the Prayer Breakfast, but there wasn't much to report on. Rats. It was held at Alma's church this week (apparently they do it every week at different churches to build inter-faith unity), and she helped with the breakfast, which is why she wanted all the missionaries to come. There was a quick sermon by her preacher which involved lots of repeating by the congregation, and ended with him randomly breaking out into loud singing. It didn't make much sense, but was agreed by all to have been a great heart-sermon. I think Bible Study was more fun. When we taught Alma this week she said she's still praying about baptism, but that her answer is coming soon. So that's probably good.

We got to see Georgetta this week! She is so ready. When we got there she was outside gardening, but immediately jumped into lesson mode with some really good questions. Apparently the Temple Square sisters are still calling her pretty frequently, which is a little weird. It's like Terry all over again, but hopefully these ones quit before they lose our investigator for us. I'm going to have a bone to pick with Temple Square Sisters one of these days, they best beware. Anyways, Georgetta was going to come to church but had to cancel since she needed the gas money to get to work this next week. Good thing she did since there was a gas-leak in the church building, and we evacuated ourselves after the sacrament was passed. She should be coming next week though, so we're very excited.

Gas-leak craziness:
-We're supposed to have back-up plans for all our plans, but it never occurred to me to have a back-up for church. Silly, silly me. Expect the unexpected.
-A less-active from far-out-ish that we've visited a few times showed up for church yesterday. She's been promising to surprise us one Sunday, but it would seem that God had a surprise in store for her as well.
-There was a cool couple visiting that apparently has a video about them on The husband has a prosthetic leg, and is running a marathon in every state, which is what brought them through our neck of the woods. He said that the short sacrament meeting was quite the treat, since they usually tend to drag on and on. We are nothing if not good hosts.
-An Elder was supposed to speak since he's going home next week, so I accused him of planning to call the ward to repentance, which is what lead to the gas-leak. God had to stop-up his mouth somehow or another.
-Everyone socialized outside for a good long while, and was in a really good mood. Everyone that is, except for the member who called the Stake President, and the fire department, and tried to take over the ward (Dr. Doofenshmirtz?). Just let the Bishop be Bishop.
All in all a pretty standard week in Greenville. We had our different religion adventure, cool investigator moment, and church drama. Who could ask for more. Word on the street is that Sister Welch and I should be staying together another transfer, so we've got some more fun times ahead of us. Our source is quite reliable, but if the decision changes between now and our official transfer call this weekend, I'll let you know next week.
Love you!
Sister Markle

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