Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

It seems like we spend most of our time driving here. That's what I get for serving in boonies again. Yesterday we had Stake Conference in Monroe (thankfully Sister Welch's cousin drove us, so our miles were spared), and today we're driving to Jackson for Zone Conference tomorrow morning. It'll be a grand total of like 10 hours in the car over three days. Crazy. This last week we were in the car a lot too, because we went out to visit less actives in Leland and Indianola on Friday, and also went with the Relief Society President on Tuesday to Leland. A week just wouldn't be complete here unless it involved some sort of road trip.
Haven't been able to see Sheila at all this week, so it would appear that she's back in avoiding mode. If she keeps up the pattern though, by the time we're able to follow-up with her again, she'll likely have read a good chunk of the Book of Mormon. At least that's what I'm telling myself :) We were supposed to start the Stop Smoking Workshop with her on Wednesday, but she pushed it back to this week, and we haven't been able to hear back from her to see if we're still on. Hopefully we are.
Haven't seen one of our investigators since we talked about Chastity with her. We planned our whole Tuesday around the time she said she could meet with us, but then she called while we were at our Catholic service project thing to try to reschedule. We couldn't reschedule. She was busy the rest of the week, and now they are out of town on Spring Break, so we'll have to see her next week. Hopefully the break from her wasn't just for the sake of our sanity, and that it'll help her take things a little more seriously. We'll see.
We've been trying to find new investigators, but so far just have some new people with potential. We did find two black Islamic guys with dreads (one of which was in a wheelchair because he was shot, and the bullet went through both legs), who told us all about how we were wrong, and that Jesus is actually black, and that his name actually isn't even Jesus. That was fun. We meet the most interesting people here every day.
I went to my very first non-Mormon church this week! Our Catholic friends really wanted us to come to their Healing Mass on Wednesday, because they wanted to introduce us to everyone, and feed us at the luncheon afterwards too. Food, people, and church? We were there. Plus, who can say no to a bunch of cute little old ladies. The service was pretty interesting. We didn't stand in line to get anointed, or get any of the eucharist, so even though that was a little awkward, I would've felt so much more awkward if we had. At the luncheon they had us introduce ourselves in front of everyone, and we got to talk to a lot of people. They were all really nice, and it was an interesting experience.
Yay for Kami and CC! Aww man for Brandon! You are so silly mom, but I'm glad you enjoy my dramatic emails :)

Love you all a billion million!
Sister Markle

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