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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Family,
Yay for CC! I am so excited for her! Costa Rica sounds like heaven on Earth, that little stinker. Plus she's learned some Spanish before, so her brain is already primed for the language! It's a little weird that she's going to the Provo MTC, and not the one in Mexico. I thought all Spanish speakers got relocated there, but I guess not. You will only have five months of overlapping missionary blessings coming your way, so y'all better make good use of them! :)
It's been another crazy week in the Delta. This is seriously the place where all those Mississippi rumors originate from, because it feels like serving in the most Mississippi place in all of Mississippi. Ready for this week's drama?
So there's this active member that converted in New York and moved here with her like 9 year old son and nonmember 19 year old daughter, and they all live in her daughter's boyfriend's house. The daughter has a baby, but I recently discovered that it is not the boyfriend's baby. Nothing too weird so far. Every since I've got here there's been this truck driver staying there, and him and the active member have a not-so-secret but not-talked-about... erm... relationship. No good. Two days ago we saw a moving truck out front, and swung by to see if the family was moving out of the boyfriend's house, because they had recently broken up. Nope. In reality it's much worse. The truck driver's two children were moving in. It turns out his daughter is married to the ex-boyfriend, and has three small children of her own, including a baby with the ex-boyfriend. We're pretty sure the truck driver's son has this weird romantic relationship with the active member's daughter who broke up with the son's brother-in-law. Thus there are now 6 large persons, 5 small persons, and 3 dogs all living in this tiny house, with dog poop on the floor, and weird family ties. Welcome to the Delta.
I can't even send the next crazy thing, because it's just too crazy and I hope it's not true. There just may or may not be more to the Rosemary story than meets the eye. Will update you if suspicions are confirmed.
Remember when I told y'all about Sheila? The person we tracted into on Sandwich Road? Well she kind of fell of the face of the Earth for a bit, but she's back in the picture. We had tried texting, and knocking on the door, but to no avail; we got her son on day, and he said she wasn't home, but then when we left we saw her get into her car. We decided she was probably avoiding us, like lots of people like to do. WELL on Thursday we were on exchanges with the STL's and Sister McGrath and I were looking for a place to tract. As we were driving by her road, I had Sister McGrath turn on it, feeling like we should try and follow-up one last time. We ended up talking to her neighbor who was getting her garbage can, and she was really nice, so we figured that might be why we had to try Sheila. Wrong. We had to try Sheila because Sheila had prayed us there. Not only was Sheila home, but she also informed us that she had read the Restoration pamphlet three times since we met her, and had been praying last night that we would come bring her a Book of Mormon. Say whaaaaaaat. WE had a really good lesson, to say the least. My baptismal invitation skills have been growing quite rusty, but despite how garbled it came out, she accepted. When Welch and I went the next day we set her with the date of April 10, and we're going to do the Stop Smoking Workshop with her this week. Keep in mind that Sheila is still kind of a wild card, hence the semi-distant date. She's struggling financially, so we said she could counsel with bishop, but that our church is not too keen on handing out fishes, and would instead help her fish on her own. She understood, but we'd like to see her established in the ward prior to baptism so as to avoid a welfare baptism/ new less-active. Trying to tread cautiously. Still excited, just cautious.
As you can see, life in the Delta involves many ups and downs, but overall it is good stuff Maynard. Lots of growth.
Love y'all!
Sister Markle

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