Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear family,

Sister Mongie flew home yesterday morning, which was quite sad. They picked her up Sunday after church, and whisked her off to the mission home, where she was never seen again. May her soul rest in peace.

This is the last week before transfers, so until then I am an STL-groupie. What does this entail? Road-trip. We're going down to the coast so they can do exchanges with two of the sister sets there. 'Twill be fun.

With Mongie leaving, this past week had a lot of ups and downs:
-After about two goodbyes, they were deemed too terrible, and were all saved for church.
-Mongie decided to take her cushy mattress topper home, which meant that her suitcases received an extra beating as we sat on them, and forced them to keep eating more clothes. How many suits can a suitcase case? The world may never know.
-We tried to do one extra fun thing a day. The two I can remember off the top of my head are that the young couple from my previous email took us out to dinner. In their humvee. Cue very hilarious off-roading experience at night, as the driver tried really hard to not make it too bumpy for Mongie's back. The other fun thing we did was prank the Zone Leaders. In the middle of a depressing evening of packing we had a light-bulb moment that she needed to go out in style. It took about five minutes to come up with all our ideas, and then only like twenty to enact them. Lesson learned. Always lock your deadbolt, otherwise you will be pranked. (Disclaimer: we didn't do anything harmful, just annoying. Like their loaf of bread was turned into a loaf of pb+j sandwiches. We're harmless, really).
-Our investigator Brittney came to church! (we still taught people this week, honest) She is super sweet, and I'm really excited for her. I hope I get to stay in this area, so I can continue to help her progress, but I know that even if I get moved, she'll be in good hands (buuut I'd still rather stay ;)
-Remember the part-member family I talked about like two emails ago? I think I mentioned them briefly, because we drove with Sis Van Akin an hour and a half to take Haley (older daughter of part member family) back home to her dad and step-mom. Two-fold good news on this family's account. L the mom here is less-active, but this week she was talking to us about this big study she was doing about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other. It was completely out of the blue, and looking at her list of references I thought a missionary had given them to her. She's awesome. L also gave us an update about Haley! Haley has had two lessons so far, and is crazy pumped about what she's been learning. Like, post about what she's learning on facebook for all her friends to see, crazy pumped. Such a sweetie. We're actually going on exchanges with the sisters that are teaching her this week, so I'll pump them for more information :)
-It seems like eeeeveryone is going through crazy trials as of late. It's nuts.

As much as I'd love to show familial support by joining in on the 50 mile birthday bike ride, I fear I cannot. Your birthday lands on a Saturday, and it probably wouldn't be wise use of the Lord's time to do so. I hope you understand. It's not like I can even use a P-day to join in a little early or late either, because if I were to try, my legs would probably break from just thinking about it. It's really just too bad.

Love ya bunches!
Sister Markle

P.S. If CC wants to brag about her career success, or lack of dating life, tell her she can do so first-hand. There's this new rule where she's allowed to email me. Say whaaaaaaaat.

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