Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Family,

No worries Madre, I was just worried that the internet gnomes in the email sort facility, had a vendetta against us again, but I fear I judged too soon. Sorry gnomes. Forgive me. Your sickness sounds really terrible though, I'm glad you're feeling better!
Stop listening to CC. She is bossy. Never forget this. If you were planning on going to the ER, she would have made you stay home, but because you were planning on staying, she made you go. She is a tricky one. This is probably because she is part Leprechaun. Excuse me. Part Leprechauneshkachaun.

I don't think I ever heard about brother-of-the-cloak, but he sounds like a winner. Katie has my wholehearted support should she wish to run away and elope.

I'm glad you guys got the gun picture! The gun belongs to a young couple (who shall remain anonymous) who are the fellowshippers for the STL's investigator. Since they're out of town a lot, we teach their people (and by people, I mean just him) while they are gone. Normally the young husband impresses missionaries with rides in his Humvee, but that night we just got to hold the gun. We've visited the husband's dad and step-mom, and it was the most country experience of my whole life. They have a herd of dogs; we ate the most delicious buttery food out of cast iron skillets; he has tons of glass jars filled with food and literally hundreds of guns (Mongie informed me that they are preparing for the zombie apocalypse); they had a man in their living room that I'm convinced they didn't know, and simply found at a truck stop; and we ended our evening bottle-feeding their baby cow, by the light of a flashlight. So fun. The sisters that were here before us have an insane story about driving with the young couple out to the army base in the rain, the car getting stuck in the mud, and the young husband walking onto the army base and driving a Humvee off the base to get the car out of the mud. Apparently his dad was a sniper, then a cop, and now they own the military (at least in their eyes). Country life is the way to go. Anyways, the  MK47 was hanging from their bathroom door within reach of their bed, "just in case." He has the most long-suffering wife. Sorry the picture didn't look very menacing, the gun was really heavy, and we didn't have time to adjust the size, so it was pretty awkward to hold. Next random gun picture will surely be more intense looking, I promise.

This week has been both really short and really long. All our investigators are kind of on ice, not necessarily "dropped," but for one reason or another aren't progressing right now. Plus Sister Mongie may or may not have to go home for medical reasons. It's pretty up in the air at this point. None of the many people she has seen for her back have given a definitive diagnosis, so at this point she either has to go in for an MRI, just keep swimming, or go home. Some days she feels fine, other days not so fine. Next transfer the two sets of sisters in Oak Grove may or may not be "and then there were one"-ing (aka the work is slow here, and President is thinking about pulling one of the sets). Whether that set will be us, or the STL's, I know not. All the variables of mission life have never felt so indefinite (comp's health, area boundaries, investigators, whether or not I'll be in Oak Grove next transfer, whether or not Mongie will be in the mission next transfer, etc.), but no worries. Things'll work out for the best, and if not the best right away, then they'll work out for good, then better, then best. Maybe they'll work out for bad. Then eventually good. Who knows. God knows. Hakuna matata.

Love y'all!
Sister Markle

P.S. I can never decide what information is "too much information," you know? Some emails I try to be very delicate, and sidestep some landmines by only giving you bites of the sandwich at a time. Other days I figure I might as well just give you the whole sandwich. If you have preferences, just let me know ;)

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