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Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear Family,

It was so good to talk to all of you! Looking back I don't think we talked about much of anything, there was just a whole bunch of silliness. Same ole, same ole; some things never change ;)

Mom, I am not dying of maaaalaaaaria (read in a Count Olaf voice). My tummy troubles are long gone, and my weird looking throat is not nearly as weird looking as it was before. Promise. I haven't even bothered to look at it in the past who knows how long, so it may very well look normal. Maybe I'm just thinner because I remember back to the days when we'd look at the pictures sent home from a certain someone's mission, and the things that were said... hahaha I'm just kidding, no things were said, but the principle remains. Just think of it as God's way of counterbalancing the weight I am sure to gain the longer I stay in Butter Country.

I know I already told y'all these stories, but I figure they sound more exciting when typed.

I now know what everyone has been talking about with the whole "people are more open to talking about Christ during the Christmas season" thing. Heretofore I had yet to see this magical effect take place; I figured it was one of those nice things we said to motivate ourselves to keep going despite the cold and lack of family. Come to find out it's actually true. Who knew.

Christmas Eve we had lined up to share the Nativity with a family we had carol-ed into. At our follow-up visit after the carol-ing we found out that we had sung to the family two days after their grandfather/father had died, and had been able to catch all of them which is apparently abnormal. They were really grateful, and said we could come Christmas Eve to share the Nativity with their family, and extended family. We called Christmas Eve to confirm only to find out that some intense family things were going down, and that they'd rather we came over on Christmas, where we would catch even more of their extended family. While this was good news for the next day, it took away the magic of going out and working on Christmas Eve. That morning during comp study we had prayed specifically about some streets we could go and tract on; the comp and I both wrote down 15 streets we felt good about, compared the streets, then wrote down the streets that we had both felt good about. We went out to one of the streets and found a really adorable looking neighborhood that we'd never been to before. Lots of families. One of the ladies we met invited us to come back in a couple hours to share the Nativity while the rest of her family was there. When we came back her whooole family was there for their Christmas party. She welcomed us right in. We ate, we laughed, we shared the Nativity, we left a good impression. The grandparents, and uncle had already had really positive interactions with missionaries before, and even though they still weren't asking for more, the Lord is continuing to prepare those in this area to receive His message.

Now to the next Christmas party we crashed. The previously mentioned family we carol-ed into. They let us in. They gathered the family. We shared the Nativity. The Spirit was strong. There were tears. We bore witness of our message. We left two more copies of the Book of Mormon, and found that the brother of the woman we originally met was open to hearing more. It was a very merry Christmas.

Love you all oodles and boodles!
Sister Markle

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