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Monday, December 23 2013

Dear Family,

No package yet, but I'm pretty sure it takes four days for them to get here so if you sent it last Wednesday then it should be here tomorrow? Also no problem on the swants; our district leader got permission for a breakfast/present-opening/pajama-wearing/group-studies for Christmas morning, and I wanted us to wear swants to it, but we will make due with our less cool regular garb.

I have absolutely no preference on FaceTime versus Skype, but Brandon probably does, so just ask him then let me know. Email me account information (which user to call, and the password for whichever one I'm logging into) whichever route you take, and I'll check my email just before calling, so I can get it set up. We're going to call 4:00 our time, 3:00 your time. Hopefully that gives you enough time to have Christmas morning, post-Christmas-morning hangover (AKA nap time), and make the drive.

For Christmas we've been offering our services as Santa's elves (official present wrappers) to ladies in the ward, and we actually had three takers. Saturday we wrapped a bunch of gifts for the family that I used to live behind when I was a Purvis sister (the Purvis sisters live in the 'apartment behind the house' of a family who's in the other ward... awkward). She had a laundry basket filled with gifts for her two kids, and a second laundry basket from her mother-in-law. Tomorrow morning we're wrapping gifts for the people we're going to skype/facetime at, and then tomorrow evening we're wrapping for another family. It's a fun way to keep busy!

Yesterday we followed up with a family that we caroled at with the herd of boys, and it was super cool. It turns out that there was a death in the family two days previous, and they said they were so grateful when we sang for them, and some of them cried. They invited us to come over tomorrow evening to share the Christmas story when they have a bunch of family over. We're stoked. Best missionary opportunity. It turns out that Buddy the Elf speaks the truth, the best way to spread Christmas cheer truly is singing aloud for all to hear ;)

Funny story of the week: We knock on this door--you know, the usual gig--next thing we know, the door flies open and a man lunges at us with a pair of cooking tongs. We assumed "deer in the headlights" position. The man then got all awkward, and said he thought we were his wife. We confirmed the fact that we were not his wife, then went on our merry way. The end.

I'm so excited to see y'all! Merry Christmas!

-Sister Markle

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