Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear Family,

We got roped into cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Ridiculous. In our apartment complex there is this little 82 year old lady named Brandy that the sisters met while tracting one day. Long story short, Sister Parkinson had been taking art lessons from her every P-day, and a few weeks back Brandy proposed a crazy idea. She had been given a turkey, and really wanted to make a nice Thanksgiving dinner for those who needed it. There were only two problems: one, she didn't know anyone needy, and two, she is 82 and physically incapable of cooking the whole dinner herself. Sister Parkinson agreed to the challenge, Brandy got super excited, and so even though Sister Parkinson left on Sunday, Sister Mongie and I still had to fulfill our obligation. We saved most of our P-Day time until Tuesday so we could help pre-make a bunch of the food, and then Tuesday evening we held our feast. We invited a bunch of investigators, recent converts, less-actives, and fellowshippers, and while they couldn't all make it, we still had about 18 people there. It was kind of stressful, because we didn't think there was going to be enough food even with some ward members bringing some too. Last minute we bought two roast chickens, a gigantic can of baked beans, and a loaf of french bread-- all of which ended up completely unnecessary. It was one of those experiences that equals good memories, but will never ever ever be duplicated, because it was exhausting.
For the actual day of Thanksgiving we ended up having two dinner invitations, but they conflicted so we picked the one where we were the only missionaries invited so we could spread the love ;) All six missionaries were invited to eat with the Trussell clan which is a large family that makes up a lot of the ward. The dinner that we attended was with a really wealthy family in our area (more like "families" but they're all related so...). The dinner was held at one of the children's "camps" in Columbia AKA really nice cabin-y place beside their very own man-made lake. Whew. Essentially between the Thanksgiving dinner we threw, and the one we attended, we were at both ends of the social spectrum.

Yesterday our ward had this missionary fireside on the life of Christ (from birth to resurrection then "Living Christ" which was kind of the pump-up, "go and do" part) as a way to start off the Christmas season with the right perspective. Our ward mission leader Brother Arroyo makes commercials, so for the fireside he put together this big production. There were a bunch of clips from the Bible videos that the church puts out, with a missionary in-between each clip kind of summarizing the story-line/ setting the scene. I was on the section "Life of Christ" (right after birth up until before the Garden) so I had to give like a three minute talk. Rest-assured, I actually filled my time, and did not speak 90 miles an hour. There were also like four musical numbers sprinkled throughout the program too; my favorite was one of Brother Arroyo's non-member friends singing "Mary Did You Know" right after we watched Jesus's death, and before the resurrection. She hit notes I don't think have ever been hit within an LDS church :) Overall it was really fun, and we even had our investigator Susan come, and it seemed like she enjoyed it.

I don't think I ever really told you all about my new companion, but Sister Mongie is from Provo Utah, and used to run cross country with Mike. She was an STL for a while, but had to stop due to back problems. Last transfer she was moved to Oak Grove so she could see the doctors here, and she still has to be careful, but she says as long as she doesn't go running, or bend down too much then her back is fine now. Eventually she'll become an STL again, but as of right now they're planning on keeping us together for another transfer. She is ridiculously nice, and super cool, so obviously we get along great ;) hahaha well maybe I don't have the ridiculously nice part... or the cool part... but we still get along great :)

Yay for Katie doing missionary work still! Yay for Kami's contacts! Yay for CC's pin ceremony! Good work family! As far as a Christmas list I'm still kind of oogling the baby sized new edition quads... other than that I'd really have to think on it.

Love you family!

-Sister Markle

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