Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013


So last week was another classic case of, "I read through all my emails first, then wind up responding to them in a disorganized way, usually resulting in emailing home last, when I have like five minutes left, thus typing like a madwoman, and sending off very little by means of actual information or commentary on received emails." Yup. I am bad at budgeting time. I did in fact receive your email, but as aforementioned did not comment on anything because I was short on time. Also, the most exciting things to comment on were sworn to secrecy, so there's that. As far as Halloween costumes, we figured for actual Halloween we'd do something blasé like dress like twins, but then for the ward Halloween party we ended up getting a little carried away... Mind you, we had not yet receive the email from the president saying that we were not to dress up in any way for the ward parties, so I figure we sinned in ignorance? Ya. We even wore all of our normal missionary clothes, alls we did was paint our faces to look like zombies... It was cool. I'll send pictures when we've passed the appropriate amount of "sorrow for my actions" time.

It's so fun teaching H, she is seriously the sweetest 12 year old. It's super easy to forget how young she is, because she looks older, and always has really good questions. She's a smart cookie, that H. This week we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she asked why so many bad things happened if God just wanted us to be happy. We talked about agency, and why we need opposition in all things. She had this "light bulb moment" look on her face. She describes the Spirit as that "warm cozy feeling" which I think is adorable. Her momma just needs to start taking her to church now. True story.

The power went out at the library in the middle of my email time, so we are finishing at Best Buy real quick. Lame sauce. I got your email though, and really appreciated the sister missionary story, yay for helping the work! Go mommy! :) I love you all so much, have a great Halloween!

-Sister Markle

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