Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Family,
Last Tuesday I hit my 5 month mark, holy guacamole where has the time gone! The end of this transfer will mark 6 months, so it's for sure that I spent at least 1/3 of my mission in Texas. Of all the states in my mission, I never would have guessed it. It's a good place to be.
I sent you guys some pictures from Saturday; we had interviews with the President which always equals for some exciting times. Our exciting times came from the fact that when we walked out of our apartment that morning we found ourselves a new Halloween decoration. AKA a gigantic spider sitting pretty in her intricate web. There might've been some screams, and a call to maintenance. Sister Borja told us that it was nothing compared to the spiders in Paraguay, this one was bigger than a quarter, but she held her hands to the size of a grapefruit for the ones at home. She loves spiders, and is terrified of cats (the McClellons have four cats, so that was some fun times ;) She decided that she wanted to catch the spider so I punched a hole in the lid of a jar, and that's exactly what she did. I dubbed the spider Saffronia--Sophie for short--then brought her along with us to interviews at the church. After showing off our prize, we set her free in front of the church. The next day as we were walking in to church we saw that Sophie had spun a huge web in front of the church, and was sitting there waiting for us. Talk about creeper. We then proceeded to throw bugs into her web, which she captured and wrapped in her web. By we, I mean not me, my bug hatred has remained unchanged. Sophie was alright though when she was in her jar.
So many cool things happened this week that I don't even know where to begin. H picked a baptismal date! They had a family reunion this weekend, so they couldn't come to church, but she will next week. We taught a strange lady in the ward's friend which basically meant we sat there and listened as they swapped crazy spiritual experiences (how you can tell if your baptism "takes" is if you lose your imagination). It was one of those things where we were all thinking "what the, we need to maybe teach something" but after we left we all said we kept thinking about the Preach My Gospel section on listening, so kept quiet. All of us where on the same page. Literally. The Spirit is cool.
Your story about Suki made me die laughing. That dog.
Hope you have an awesome week, love you all!
-Sister Markle

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