Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Family,
I'm staying in the good ole Wake Village, but we are trio-training again. This time around Sister McMurtry has graduated from trainee to trainer, and I have graduated from trainer to supervising sister. Trios are lame-sauce, but evidently the Lord really thinks I need to learn to love them. Oh, well. I think this basically just makes me chauffeur for a transfer, but we'll see :) we got a text this morning, and found out that our new sister's name is Sister Borjas, and she's from Paraguay. She speaks Spanish which is awesome, because now when we see less-active Spanish speakers with a ward member, we can actually contribute. I figure this will make me the closest a sister can be to being a Spanish missionary in this mission. Right on. She'll be coming tonight, so I will send you a picture of the three of us next week.
Brother M got baptized on Saturday! Yay!!! It was awesome, he was so happy :) it was some scary times getting there, but he finally made it. On Tuesday we had the STLs come do splits with us, and one of them came to teach Brother M with me. We were reviewing baptismal interview questions, and when we left she asked if I thought he really wasn't drinking tea anymore. I was all like... ya? You have to be living the Word of Wisdom for at least seven days prior to baptism, and so the whole drive home we were kind of freaking out. The other sisters met up with us, and then I called him to double check that he really wasn't drinking tea. Awkward phone call, but the coast was clear. His daughter's baptism has been pushed to later so as to not interfere with her school work (lame), and one of the Elder's investigator's baptism was pushed to two weeks from now. Weezee was baptized though, and it was awesome too. She had a lot of people come, and I may or may not have suggested we sing a Christmas song as the closing hymn... The previous Sunday she told me she needed one more song, and that she wanted it to be one that she knew. I opened up to the Christmas songs, and we decided "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" was rather appropriate. Her husband may or may not have shot me a death glare while we were singing it. Worth it.
Remind CC that she is not to get married while I am gone. She seems to keep forgetting this.
Poor madre, rope courses are pretty intense. I think that might have been the rope course we went to for PALs in ninth grade, but I would have to see it. You'll have to get over this fear of heights if you ever want to end up as that cool grandma that goes parachuting. Just saying.
I am super pumped for conference. It's going to be great to see it as a missionary; this will probably be the first time I see every session, and am fully awake for every talk ;) haha so it should be great. Wish Dad and Brandon good luck with the marathon next week for me-- I am excited to get pictures of them wearing their medals! Just think, it was almost a year ago that they made the changes to the mission age, and look at how much it has changed! It's been a good year :)
Love you all!
Sister Markle

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday September 16, 2013

Alright, remember how I warned of a short letter? Ya. About that. I'm really good about reading through all my emails quickly, it's just responding that takes forever and a day, even with typing real fast ones to everyone.
Transfers are next week, still nervous about what is going down.
We should still be having a baptism on Saturday. Possibly. Just Brother M now, so hopefully it will happen. Keep the prayers coming! Haha love you all so much, thank you for all you do for me, I am definitely the most loved missionary :)
-Sister Markle

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mi Familia!
Sorry for the short email last week, hopefully this week will make up for it! Lots of big news! None of which are transfer information, sorry. Today was the first day of "week 5," so we won't know what's going down until next Friday :( also when I finally know, I probably won't be emailing until Transfer day since that day is P-day, in which case I'll be emailing from the new area if I get moved. At this point I have a sneaking suspicion I might be moving out, but I'm really not sure. There's another big sister shipment coming in, so maybe they'll have me train again? In which case I don't know if they'll leave me all the way out in Texas to train by myself, but who knows. I'm excited though, change is fun. Sad, but fun.
No one has said anything about a big storm coming our way, so maybe it'll shoot off somewhere else before hitting here? That's crazy that you guys almost had a tornado! I'd say I'm jealous, but there is a very real chance that I might jinx it, and I'd probably feel bad if I caused a tornado here.
We were able to start driving the cars again at start of the month; new month = fresh miles. The weather still hasn't really cooled off yet, but that may just be because the summer took so long before it actually started to heat up. My first transfer wasn't too hot, and we actually got rained on pretty decently, so now Texas is getting it's revenge.
The M Family we are teaching came at another road block, but they have been able to work past it. Both parents received their first priesthood blessings on Friday to help comfort them, which really helped. Yesterday when we went over, we set the father with the 21st as his date for baptism, and the mother decided that she wanted to be baptized then too. It's going to be super crazy helping them prepare for their baptisms next week, but I know that the Lord will help them. They've been through so many trials this summer, and all the waiting was discouraging the father, but now he just seems excited. The mother has always been ridiculously excited, so nothing new there :)
The Elders have lovingly dubbed the 21 as a "pool party" for Texarkana, because there will be four baptisms that day. Sister Harker even has special permission to come up for the baptisms, since she's not too far, and she helped teach the family. Actually she got permission to come because Weezee is getting baptized, but it all works out in the end. I don't know if I've told y'all (I was about to type "you all," but then I figured what the heck :) about Jason and Weezee yet, but they're a super cool couple the Elders have been working with. Yes, her name is Weezee. Actually Louise, but everyone calls her Weezee. Anyways, they've had us all over to eat a bunch of times, and Jason works in the family history center, so they're around the church a lot. Love them. So excited that Weezee is getting baptized. Everything is coming together here in Texarkana, which probably means I'll be transferring out.
Two quick cool experiences I had this week in which I looked back on and was all like, "where did that even come from? Oh ya. The Spirit. Cool." First one: we were teaching the L's and C.L. asked what was the difference in God's eyes between himself, and us. I answered by saying God loves each of us the same, but that it's like with his children, if one of them brought home a trophy, he would be very proud of that child for what they'd done, and the work they put in, but it wouldn't make him love his other child any less. No idea where that came from, but his kids totally have a million trophies so it worked. Crazy. Second one: Brother M was talking to us about how nothing seemed to go right in his life, and that it was as if everyone else was fishing and catching loads of fish, and he kept pulling up license plates. And boots. And only sometimes catching small fish. I told him that even though it's hard when it seems like everyone else is catching fish, all the boots he was pulling up were teaching him lessons, and helping him appreciate the fish in his life more than others would. It was weird, but it worked. Teaching by the Spirit is where it's at! Love you all, have a great week!
-Sister Markle

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear Family,

I don't know if I'm Tour de France level, we only reached like 25 ish miles biking probably, while the Zone Leaders hit 103 miles. Ya. I still felt pretty proud of myself, also this week was like a million-dy degrees. We got fresh miles yesterday, and I was utterly pleased with life. The library is closed today, but we got special permission to email on the church's family history center computers. Which sadly means I don't have much time to email :(

Poor Kami! Not only did she have to go to the hospital, but she ALSO had to miss three days of school?! Worst week ever. I'll keep her in my prayers; missing school is a tragedy.

So this week we were able to teach the family I told you about us tracting into, and the lesson went super well.

No time. Sorry. Love you. Bye.

-Sister Markle