Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tues., August 13, 2013

Dearest Family,
Today was transfers! Luckily we didn't have to drive Sister Harker to the Shreveport transfer point, otherwise I would dead tired right now. We got the ok for her to drive with the Zone Leaders, so she got picked up at like 4:30 this morning. Harker is actually being transferred to Shreveport where she will be follow-up training Sister Ray whom we already know from our repeat sleep overs there my first transfer. Their area is being split into two, and the two sets of sisters are sharing an apartment. Luckily there are two bathrooms, and Harker will now have a bed instead of an air mattress, so it will be definitely an improvement for her. The Ashdown area in our ward was closed, and one of our Zone Leaders just finished his mission, so there are lots of changes for the Texarkana ward! We went from having 8 missionaries my first transfer, to 10 last transfer, and now we will be down to 6! Weird. It was weird waking up this morning after shipping off Harker, and realizing that I was now senior companion. Talk about stressful. I hadn't figured that this was going to happen until a ways away, and even though I knew it was coming, it is much more different to actually be living it. Definitely going to be "Livin on a Prayer" this week ;)
The package came this week, and it was the best thing ever. I wore the polka dot shirt on Sunday (with my striped skirt of course :), and listened to Joseph on my way over to the Library, and really everything is getting very good use. Thank you so much!
Last quick update, our apartment got the ultimate prank on Saturday night. Like a million pranks all in one, courtesy of all the elders. The STLs had accidentally taken our spare key, which they gave to the mission president's wife, which she then gave to our Zone Leaders on the good faith that they would get it back to us. Which they did. Along with a bunch of hidden fake coackroaches, creepy posters, balloons on our fan, popper attached to the door, strobe light, like a hundred old gross fundips scattered around, weird quotes taped up, jello in the toilet and spaghetti sauce, apartment lowered to 50 degrees, and more. They are ridiculous. It was really funny though.
Hope you all have an amazing week!
Sister Markle

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