Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm pretty sure I maybe got Sister McMurtry sick... Just maybe... She has all the same symptoms as me, and so now we need to go back into the doctor again. I still have the bumps and weird colored throat, but I don't feel as sick so I just kinda ignore it, but Sis McDonough said I should go get my throat swabbed :( it's probably a virus since the antibiotics didn't do much/ the steroids helped/ it won't go away. Who knows though. I'll keep you posted.
We actually haven't ridden our bikes for a while, when McMurtry first got here her bike had fallen off the bike rack on the freeway from Shreveport, so we had to wait for it to get fixed. We have been lucky, and have been able to use the car without going over miles. It also hasn't been insanely hot yet, so no worries. Humidity is blah, but everyone keeps saying it's been a mild summer so I am counting my blessings.
Tell Kami happy birthday for me, and good luck with the uke! I sent her a birthday card so hopefully it made it in time? I also sent you guys some Slap Yo Mama seasoning, which I hear is the best Cajun/ spicy seasoning here, but I've only ever had the brand Tony's. It's really good on mac n' cheese, so maybe try the Slap Yo Mama on some :) Good work on the bike race! First place finishers!! Haha pretty impressive stuff :) Tell CC to not get married while I am gone. End of Story.
The ward council this week turned into a "Ward Blitz" with all the leadership in the ward taking a missionary and going to go see some of the less actives that were scooped in from the New Boston ward (there were like 50 names..). So basically the whole ward got involved in helping out us sister missionaries, and it was fabulous. They really wanted to take advantage of how many missionaries they have, and it was a success. The work is forwarding! Haha these past two transfers have been really focused on seeing less actives, and the part member families we have been working with, so it will be interesting to see the focus of next transfer. Still loving the work, and loving the area. Being a missionary is the greatest blessing, hopefully some blessings will rub off on the rest of y'all ;)
Love you!
Sister Markle

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