Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Did the Slap Yo Mama come yet? Also thanks so much for the soon to arrive package, y'all are the best :)
Big take away from this week? Members are the bomb. We had a lesson with the M family on Saturday, and were finally able to bring the fellowshipping family that we've had in mind. The two families are the same. Like ridiculously so. So many of Sister M's concerns were resolved by Sister Woodle, and it seems like they will be good supports for each other. Sister M has grown SO much since we've been meeting with them, and she just seems happier. She told us that without Brother B and us they wouldn't have made it, which was really humbling to hear. I know that God had prepared the M's, and with the wards help, they are there to stay. I'm so excited for them.

K's situation is still at a standstill. I know that from this experience her family has the opportunity to learn and grow, it just breaks my heart that K has to keep waiting. It's God's timetable though, and I know that if her family aligns their will with God's, they will be blest.

I'm the official driver now. That's right. Be scared :) hahaha I started driving today, and it was ridiculously exciting. I'm glad that I could start driving while Sister Harker is still here, she's an expert driving instructor. I nicknamed her Olga. It kind of feels like I'm 16 all over again. I'm definitely a spoiled missionary.

I'm going to miss Sister Harker. A lot. I'm glad we were able to build a friendship, but now it's time for Sister McMurtry and I to work together.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I feel like that is applicable to my life.
Love you all!
Sister Markle

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