Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 3, 2013

Dear Family,
I've been sick :( last week was noooo fun, my throat looks nasty-nast. Bumpedy-lumpedy, yellowish, and vein-y, which is kinda why I was thinking it might be strep throat, BUT since I didn't have a fever that theory never really flew. Sis. Harker was sick too, and it was just a weird situation, because we described our symptoms to Sister McDonough (mission president's wife) over the phone, who then researched it online, then called the medical people and described our symptoms to them, who then decided we probably had a virus. They had us gargling warm salt water (gross) and taking Ibuprofen last week, and Harker started getting better but I was the same-ish. They told us to have me go see the doctor Saturday, but we came like fifteen minutes after they closed so we had to go Monday. The Stake President is actually a doctor and part owner of a Medical Express clinic here, so they had us go there. The doctor who saw me was also a member (he goes to the other ward though), and he spoke super quickly so I'm still not entirely sure what I have. Hand, Foot, and Mouth was the first possibility he talked about but I don't have bumps on my hands or feet, plus I guess mostly children get it. Whatever. He said two other things but I didn't do a very good job at remembering... I got a steroid shot in my behind though. That was weird. The doctor kind of figured my throat should clear up by today since it's the one week mark, but he wrote a prescription just in case. We just picked up the antibiotics, and it's Penicillin so that should be fun. I just want to get feeling better, so hopefully the Penicillin clears up whatever it is.
Transfer day was yesterday, and we picked up a new companion! Her name is Sister McMurtry, and she's another trainee fresh out of the MTC! We are now a trio. We found out about it on Friday, so we used some of our quarantine time to rearrange our apartment to make room for her. President McDonough gave us permission to not all have to sleep in the same room, so Harker is now in the study room and McMurtry took her place in the bedroom. She is 20, from Idaho, and has been going to college in Dallas so she isn't too far from where she used to live. I get to "train" her and Harker basically gets to supervise, so that will be cool. I'll give more details next week when I am hopefully less groggy of mind :)
I couldn't find my camera or list of things to remember to tell you guys about, so that thing I told you guys to wait for before putting the package together has most definitely been forgotten. I don't think it was really important anyways, so feel free to send without whatever it might be :)
I love you all so much!

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