Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013

Dear Mom,
Did you try emailing this week? It's alright if you didn't, but if you did and it got lost in cyberspace again then that would be utterly lame. I'm emailing today, because Monday we had interviews with the President, and so our P-day got pushed back to Tuesday, and then we didn't have time to email, so that got pushed back to today. Sorry for the lack of a heads up!
Last week the Sister Training Leaders came and did exchanges with us, and were at our apartment for three days. There are three STLs. There are three of us. 3+3 = too many girls for one apartment, especially one bathroom. Haha despite the squishiness, it was really good. They helped us a lot, and we have plenty to work on. Sister McMurtry and I were with Sister Johnson, who is really cool, but it was super crazy because we went and did Visiting Teaching with a Spanish sister in the ward, which basically turned us into Spanish Sisters for a day. Ok, really only like three hours, but still. We had no clue what was going on during the visits, tried to share spiritual thoughts (I read from the Spanish Book of Mormon for one of the visits, and that was really pathetic--but so fun), so all in all it was a really interesting, but super cool experience.
There is some craziness that came up with K's baptism so sadly that is being postponed for a while. They need all this information from her birth mother, and other stuff, so hopefully I will tell you more about the craziness once it gets all worked out, because right now it is just a big ball of crazy. Ya. Haha I keep re-learning how weird mission life is, maybe one day I will have fully learned the lesson, and then I will be learning how normal mission life can go. That'll be the day.
We found out that Sister Harker is definitely leaving at the end of this transfer (in like two ish weeks), so now Sister McMurtry and I are supposed to drain her dry of all her wisdom, and then work the area alone when she's gone. Kind of scary, but it will be good. It also means that I will be driving once she is gone, so that will be interesting. Most of the missionaries have either a TomTom or a Garmen GPS system to find their way around, so if we miraculously have a GPS somewhere on a shelf that I can use, that would be awesome, otherwise I'm not really sure what to do. If you would consult with Papa, and give me further direction next week I would be very appreciative. Missions kinda seem to be a money drain, but if "there is but one soul" that comes unto Christ because of this then it will be worth it. I'm just hoping that this doesn't turn out to be the most ridiculously expensive 18 months of EFY, and only I benefit, but that's not going to be the case. I'm determined :) Regardless, thank you for all that you and dad have done and sacrificed for me, I am eternally grateful! Love you all so much, and have a great week!
-Sister Markle

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 15, 2013

Dear Shauna (AKA Mom),
I am doing great! Another weird week, but less weird than last week. At this rate things will probably be more normal by the end of the transfer, and then they'll get weird again. Oh well. I got the package Friday, and it made my day! The quotes are all over my wall now, I'll have to take a picture and send you it next week, it looks real good. The granola was muy excellante! Two CDs? What's the other CD?
Poor CC! (I can now say poor CC, since she finally wrote me a real letter. She has now earned herself some sympathy :)
We usually have at least two dinner appointments each week, but this week there's one every single day! I have the recipes that you made us all for Christmas, but I just eat freezer food, so it's all good... Haha I'm still just as lazy, no surprises there :)
The baptism is for this week, but it might get pushed back until next week... MORE drama. I'm almost out of emailing time though, so it will have to wait for next week...
Love you all so much, have a great week!
-Sister Markle

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 8, 2013

Dear Momma,
I really did call the mission office right away! Promise! I had curled my hair that morning which always makes me feel lightheaded and queasy (too much heat on my head at one time), and so when I started to feel that way later in the day, I thought it was still related to curling my hair. When we got home that night I took a peak into the back of my throat and realized I was legitimately sick. Harker realized she was having the same symptoms. We called Sister McDonough right away, and they figured it was probably a virus, and we were just going to have to stick it out. I wanted to go to the doctor, but I kind of had to wait for the ok first. It was lame, but I'm doing much better now. If when I was little it was really just the craters in my throat and nothing on my hands or feet, then this is probably the same thing. I've been taking my penicillin like a good little girl though, and feel a lot better. I haven't looked at my throat for the past few days, because I wanted to give it time to start looking better. I'll look at it today, just for you.
This week has been weird, because we had to try to bounce back from being sick, and with transfers on top of all of it, it made for a very weird week. The 4th was really fun though, we had a ward pancake breakfast, and had kind of a fhe/game afternoon over at the W's (we are teaching the youngest, K who is 10, and is going to be baptized on the 19th) which was really fun. We were all then fed by some ward members, then went over to the church for volleyball, which ended with fireworks and sparklers.... not really sure if that was completely white handbook approved, but it was really fun so ya.... Haha the sparklers and snaps you sent were definitely a hit, so thanks again :)
Poor Tad. Katie needs to stop breaking hearts, and just settle down already. Remind her of the dangers of becoming an... Shoot! I forgot her name! It's Elizabeth Bennett's best friend who ends up marrying Mr. Collins because she had no prospects. Hahahahaha Katie will like that for sure.
CC is dumb. She can't claim homesickness until she gets her phone taken away. Also she doesn't write me so I have no pity.
The trio is actually working better than I expected so far. Sister McMurtry is one of those ridiculously always happy sorts of people that you sometimes want to shake, but know you shouldn't because obviously they're in the right, and that would be dumb. We all bring something necessary to the companionship, and once we get it all figured out we're going to be unstoppable. Muaaaaaah. The evil laugh was necessary and you know it.
So here is my utterly ridiculous story of the week. Enjoy. Yesterday was really really sad, because Angela had a set baptism date for this Saturday, and the gospel was changing her life and blessing her SO much, but then we got a text out of the blue during church that said she felt lead to go to a different church, and that we could pick up our books from her Aunt's, and that we should leave her in peace. Not gonna lie, that stung. I tried to figure out where we went wrong, but there gets to be that point where people make the choice for themselves, and there's really nothing we can do about it. It's hard to see her do that, but we're going to try to get over there tomorrow and see what's up/ let her know we're still here for her, because her life is legitimately nuts. Even though that was really disappointing, I still have faith in the work, and am still committed. I bounced back quick, which is good because I didn't want to have to feel depressed. I got a taste of the way Christ feels when we reject Him, which was no fun, but helped me grow. Now on to the ridiculous part of the story. On Saturday Angela said she couldn't find any of the Book of Mormons we had given her, and our car had been emptied out of our backups due to transfers. I got a really bright idea. I gave her MY Book of Mormon in good faith, and told her we would trade back on Sunday. You know a whole, this book means a lot to me, but you need it a lot more right now kind of thing? Ya...... Awkward.... I have now learned to never ever give out your Book of Mormon no matter how trustworthy the person seems, because you will invariably get a loco crazy text from them, and life will be incredibly inconvenient for a few days while you wait to get back your book. These things only happen to me.
There's really nothing I can think of for the package... Except wait! CARDS! I broke down and bought myself a pack, but if I could get some of our old ghetto packs so we can have some Squeak tournaments that would be stellar. I am forced to call it Nerts here, but I will try to convert these people to the game's proper name. I love you all so much!
-Sister Markle

July 3, 2013

Dear Family,
I've been sick :( last week was noooo fun, my throat looks nasty-nast. Bumpedy-lumpedy, yellowish, and vein-y, which is kinda why I was thinking it might be strep throat, BUT since I didn't have a fever that theory never really flew. Sis. Harker was sick too, and it was just a weird situation, because we described our symptoms to Sister McDonough (mission president's wife) over the phone, who then researched it online, then called the medical people and described our symptoms to them, who then decided we probably had a virus. They had us gargling warm salt water (gross) and taking Ibuprofen last week, and Harker started getting better but I was the same-ish. They told us to have me go see the doctor Saturday, but we came like fifteen minutes after they closed so we had to go Monday. The Stake President is actually a doctor and part owner of a Medical Express clinic here, so they had us go there. The doctor who saw me was also a member (he goes to the other ward though), and he spoke super quickly so I'm still not entirely sure what I have. Hand, Foot, and Mouth was the first possibility he talked about but I don't have bumps on my hands or feet, plus I guess mostly children get it. Whatever. He said two other things but I didn't do a very good job at remembering... I got a steroid shot in my behind though. That was weird. The doctor kind of figured my throat should clear up by today since it's the one week mark, but he wrote a prescription just in case. We just picked up the antibiotics, and it's Penicillin so that should be fun. I just want to get feeling better, so hopefully the Penicillin clears up whatever it is.
Transfer day was yesterday, and we picked up a new companion! Her name is Sister McMurtry, and she's another trainee fresh out of the MTC! We are now a trio. We found out about it on Friday, so we used some of our quarantine time to rearrange our apartment to make room for her. President McDonough gave us permission to not all have to sleep in the same room, so Harker is now in the study room and McMurtry took her place in the bedroom. She is 20, from Idaho, and has been going to college in Dallas so she isn't too far from where she used to live. I get to "train" her and Harker basically gets to supervise, so that will be cool. I'll give more details next week when I am hopefully less groggy of mind :)
I couldn't find my camera or list of things to remember to tell you guys about, so that thing I told you guys to wait for before putting the package together has most definitely been forgotten. I don't think it was really important anyways, so feel free to send without whatever it might be :)
I love you all so much!