Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Family,

Congrats to Kami, and thanks for taking care of the bike! It looks real pretty, I'm one spoiled missionary. Haha now I'll just have to find a heavy duty basket and my life will be complete! I might look into a rack though since my basket chances look pretty slim... I'll just call Walmart everyday starting Wednesday, no problem. Thanks again! Haha stop stalking my card, I had to use it to end off last month because they didn't give the new missionaries very much money on our mission cards. It would have been fine if I was just buying food, but I had to get sheets, and random stuff for the apartment because we were opening the new area. I don't need a SD card reader anytime soon, so I can wait. Thanks for everything!
That's funny that you all went to Antelope Island, because we were actually talking to this older couple who got back from a trip to Utah a couple weeks ago, and they were telling us about the ranch there/ Brigham Young's cattle that he kept there. They travelled all over Utah, and were referred to us by temple square. They're Methodist, but are super interested in Church history, so we'll see if we can swing that interest into an interest for the Church itself... Haha we'll see.
This week has been great, we were able to visit a lot more less active members, and I also had my first real teaching experience! That was exciting. We started teaching the M's, who are a super awesome part member family that has recently started going to church due to the influence of a ward member who works with Brother M. The family is super prepared, and have their eyes set on the temple, it's just maintaining focus that gets a little tricky. It was hard to get through the first lesson due to distractions (four cats, phone calls, random side conversations), but we invited the Spirit and he committed to baptism! He wasn't ready to pick a day yet, so during the second lesson I steered the topic back to baptism so we could talk about it again (I totally used Katie's visual aid for the Plan of Salvation). Surprisingly not only did he commit to be baptized on the 22, but so did their 19 year old daughter, who we didn't even know wasn't a member. That's why it was so important that we taught by the Spirit, a lesson we thought was just for the father, ended up being something for the whole family. Super cool. 
We had our first experience tracting this week, and it actually went pretty well. So far we've only gone once, and only for like an hour, but we found an awesome family that moved in last year who "felt more welcome by us than by the church they've been going to" so she said we could expect to see them on Sunday. We didn't, but they seem like such a cute/nice little family that we're planning on stopping by again sometime to share more. Who knows, maybe they're just really nice, or maybe they are ready for more. I'll keep you posted.
Tell Katie I got her card, and it made me happy :) Haha it had a bunch of random stuff inside, but it was fun to get something in the mail! Plus we're thinking about setting up a few church tours for some investigators, so the information is actually pretty useful. Good work. I love you all so much!
-Sister Markle

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