Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

Dear Family,
Let me set the record straight. There was only one roach. People told us similar stories of roaches coming in heinous packs, but Roachy worked alone. He was caught on a glue trap last week, may he rest in peace. We then proceeded to spray all of our baseboards so hopefully there won't be anymore bug problems any time soon.
We got to see the broadcast too, and it was so cool! I get to be a technology missionary now! Yay! Well hopefully, it all depends on what they say to my mission president, and what rules are set up and stuff, but I'm still super pumped. That's super cool that you guys all got to be there for the actual devotional!
I'm so excited for Jodi and Jake! Ah! I can't believe they're almost married! Tell them good luck for me when you see them :)
I'm going to try to answer some of the questions you had in the previous emails, but that will have to wait for next week. As for the transportation, we have had a car all along, her name is Sheila. We inherited her from the ZLs, and she came with the name. Weird. It's a nice car though, so no complaints.
We are teaching three people who are preparing for baptism, and hopefully they are all baptized in July! I'll have to tell you more about all of them next week, because they are all super awesome.
Sister Harker and I are the furthest sister missionaries out this way in our mission, the next closest to us are in Magnolia Arkansas. There are four sets of missionaries in our ward though, which is the most in one ward in the entire mission! The zone leaders work on the Arkansas side, the district leader and his comp are on the Texas side, the sisters are in Wake Village/ Nash/ Red Lick which are on the Texas side, and then we have a set up in Ashdown. BIG area, but there's been some crazy ward boundary stuff going on (no time tell you next week).
Next week is transfer week so I will be emailing on either Tuesday or Wednesday (I can't remember which). I don't think Harker will be leaving, but idk. As for the package, if you haven't sent it yet, could you possibly wait to send it until after my email next week? I know there was something I was going to ask about, but I can't quite remember it right now... Haha but if you have already sent it no big deal :)

I have the most bestest family in the whole world, I love you all so much!
Sister Markle

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