Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 17, 2013 "The Darkest Day"

Dear Family,
I was just attacked by a cockroach. In the comfort of my own apartment. Today is the Darkest Day. Our tale begins last week. It was a Thursday. I was sitting on the coach, reading my scriptures like a good little missionary, when Sister Harker screamed from the bathroom. Yes, she had seen a roach. She tried to kill it, but alas it was too quick. Over the next two days, she saw it three times; once the roach was even hiding within the toilet paper roll, and she received quite the fright whilst on the john. I proceeded to calling it Roachy, which then invariably became Roachy-kins, which then grew into the theme song "Oh Roachy-kins" sung to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree." You see, while the roach remained a distant threat to me, I was free to treat it as a laughing matter. This is no longer the case. I even joked that we just needed to find a good roach family to fellowship Roachy back into the wild, you know, Roach Retention. Anyways. Never ask Elders for advice on pest control, because they will invariably give you terrible advice.  Always. Did Sister Harker smear peanut butter on a paper towel and leave it by Roachy's hiding place? Yes. Did we believe that because we didn't see Roachy at all yesterday that he had consumed peanut butter and proceeded to die within his hidey hole? Yes. This is no longer the case. After brushing my teeth this morning, I reached for my towel to wipe the water from my face; never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the scene that was about to unfold. As I grabbed the corner of my towel, our dear friend Roachy-kins fled from within it's folds. What happened next is a blur, but my fight or flight instincts might have kicked in, and I might have ran backwards, and might have tripped into my bathtub, and might have hit my head really hard against the side of the tub. Evidently this was hysterical to Sister Harker. I find no humor in this. Roachy-kins almost killed me, and now he must die.
On a lighter note, Gators and Friends was super fun. It was like a million-dy degrees outside, so we were sweating like a banshee, but it was super fun. Alligators actually smell like disgustingly horrifically terrible, BUT I got to hold a baby gator (aka like 4 years old) so it was worth it. They fed all the gators while we were there, and I took a video for all of you, but the video is actually horrifically boring so if I send it, you need to watch it at ten times the speed.
I finally watched the video Katie was in, but she's only in it for like 3 seconds. It's in the In-Field Training stuff online, so I'll email her my password so she can check it out.
It turns out that the daughter of the family we are teaching moved out. Weird situation, but we're trying to work with it. We started teaching a lady named Angela who lives in the same trailer park as them, and she committed to baptism too. Her Aunt is a super funny 85 year old in the ward, so we met Angela while there. Angela has had many interesting visionary experiences that I will have to tell you about some time. She was supposed to come to church yesterday, but didn't so we're going to have to check it out.  Also, there's a cute little 10 year old from a part member family who wants to be baptized, so we're going to start teaching her as well. While over at their house yesterday (the Whites) I saw that they had this bookshelf. Filled with books. A lot of the missionaries are tempted when we're places with sports on TV, but this is not the case for me. Instead I'm distracted by books. Typical.
Of course I knew if someone had died that you would tell my mission president, but I'm all the way out in Texas, so it's kind of hard to make it out here, but there was zone conference coming up, so theoretically I would be told about it then. Hahaha it's not like I "for real" thought someone had died, it was just one of the theories, and it's not like I had much time to develop theories, and this one was the most exciting so it got the most attention. ANYWAYS I'm almost out of time and will send my pics separately.
 I love you all! Stay away from cockroaches!
Sister Markle

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