Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

Yay! I got this email and the two about me not getting your emails that came in the compilation letter you sent. So I guess it's working now? It was funny because I was sending a letter to let you all know that I got the bike, dropped it in the out box looked in the mailbox and found your jumbo letter. So the next day I had to send a response to let you know I was happy you've actually been writing me, and make requests for the package. Dropped it in the outbox looked in the mailbox and saw the package slip. I just have horrible timing all around. Haha I don't know if you've gotten either of those two letters yet, but basically I was kinda thinking someone had died in the family, and you weren't writing me out of sadness, so dad was assigned to write me instead, because he was better at coping. Ya... I have an overactive imagination. Not my fault.
Riding a bike in a skirt is not pleasant business, don't let anyone tell you differently. Remember how I brought pretty full skirts so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting on the bike/ pedalling? WELL they make it a sketchier business because the wind likes to whip them up, and the clothespins that we were told is the secret, haven't functioned appropriately yet. Also mounting and dismounting the bike will never look lady like, and is likewise sketchy. Add in to the mix a helmet, and I'm truly a lost cause. Regardless of the black marks against the experience, I thoroughly enjoy riding my bike. Probably because I have a basket. It's the deciding factor. I will attach a photo so as to facilitate proper mockery of my dorkiness.
I planned to bring all your letters here so that I could answer your questions, but we're kinda at the Shreveport library today so that didn't happen... Remember how I said that we would be in Shreveport for Zone Conference on Monday and Tuesday? You shouldn't, because I didn't. I remedied this slight in the aforementioned letter, but like I said, I don't know if it's there yet. Zone Conference was technically just Monday, but yesterday we had the trainer/trainee meetings, and the Sister's Meeting so we stayed an extra night. I don't think they had sister's meetings while Katie was out, but with STLs (sister training leaders) now and a lot of sisters, we have them. Lots of learning, lots of fun. We got to stay with the Shreveport sisters again (they were the ones we stayed with during the tornado), and it was super fun. They're great. We were supposed to make the two hour drive back to Texarkana yesterday, but one of our zone leaders is leaving at the end of this transfer and still hasn't seen an alligator, so it was decided that we have to go to Gators and Friends (it's a kind of exotic zoo in Louisiana). The sister's meeting took super long though, so we couldn't go yesterday, but the APs said we could stay an extra night and go today! Yay! Today is technically P Day, so that's why this all works out. I'm super excited, and you can expect some great pictures next week.
Due to all this, this has been a super weird week for missionary work. Like on Saturday. We went and visited a lady from the New Boston ward (I don't know if I explained this, but a lot of our area belongs to our neighboring ward. There are four sets of missionaries in the Texarkana ward, which is A LOT, and I think New Boston has two sets. Nothing has gone down yet, but we think we are the prelude to some ward boundry changes. A lot of people in our area stopped going to church, because they have to go to New Boston which is thirty minutes away, while the Texarkana ward is only like five minutes. We have permission to let people go to the Texar ward. It's weird and confusing) back to the original story. We were visiting a lady from the New Boston ward who would be super active, but can't because she has to take care of a 93 year old lady, and can't leave her to drive all the way out there. While we were visiting we heard a loud crash. Yes, the frail 93 year old lady had gotten out of bed and then tripped and broke her hip. We held her legs while her caretaker called an ambulance. It was really weird. A lot of paramedics showed up, and we felt super awkward, and then awkwardly left and hopped on our bikes. Weird.
We visit a lot of elderly. There is a 98 year old that we visit each week, Sister Shoto, and she's technically less active, but she's insanely old which is why she doesn't make it to church. We love her. She's pretty deaf, but she's great. Also, that family I told you about in my last email? The ones we were teaching/ have baptismal dates for? Well the daughter was supposed to show up for church on Sunday, and when she wasn't there we called her mom to find out what was up. She told us that her daughter had moved out last night (mind you we had been there the day before, and everything was fine), and then said they weren't going to church that day, and then awkwardly said bye. Weird. When we get back, we're going to have to figure out what on Earth is happening over there.
The package was great, but the brownies didn't technically survive... they tasted super funny, so I think they might have been baked a few extra times in transit. Thank you for everything though!!! Tell Kami I am super proud of her about dance, especially for winning the scholarship! Kami is pretty much the coolest person I know times ten. Rachel is awesome, we never had choir together (I don't sing..) but we did have English together in 9th grade. We were in the same group for a Romeo and Juliet project. So obviously she was Tinkerbell, and I was Captain Hook. Speaking of which, the green bridesmaid dress that used to be in our dress-up bucket is still in her possesion from that project, so you can tease her about that. That's so sad to hear about Brother Dryer! I love their family, and will keep them in my prayers.
Tell Nicholle good work! Every member a missionary! Missionary work really goes so much better if there is ward support!
I love you all so much, and miss you!
-Sister Markle

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