Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! I'm still working on a card for you, plus a reallly heart felt homemade craft so be excited for that one :) (I'm getting practice typing smiley faces so that I can become as expert at it as Katie, so that one day I too can achieve the level of punctuating my sentances with them). I've also been slowly writing you a letter about how this first week has been, so most of my information will probably be in that one and not here? Probably. Oh wait, actually definately because the computers are chugging along at snail pace with all the missionaries using them right now. It keeps freezing up, and it's not recognizing my camera's SD card so the couple of pictures I took will have to wait until next email to be sent. Speaking of which, I will be flying out at 7:28 AM next Monday, and I think I can buy a card thing so I can call you! Maybe. They have us meeting at the travel office at 4 AM, so it really depends on what time we get there and how much time we have, but I will try!
Thanks for all the mail! I loved it! Sorry for how short this letter is, but I promise the hand-written letter will be ridiculously long to make up for it, this computer is really quite unhappy with me! I will send all the letters soon, because I'm not sure when my next emailing day will be since I might have missed it because we fly on Monday? I'm actually getting used to the MTC now, and even though the schedule gets kind of crazy at times, I'm really happy to be here and I'm super excited to go to Mississippi. The Spirit is so strong here! Learning tons, and excited to hear from you all.
Love you tons!
Sister Markle

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