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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I get to email today! Yay! We got to Mississippi safe and sound on Monday, and headed over to a church for a while, then were off to the mission home. It was just like Christmas, we went to bed with an empty transfer board, and woke up to a filled one. As you have probably guessed by this email's title, I was assigned to Texas!!!! The area is called Texarkana and sits right on the boarder of Texas and Arkansas. The drive out to Texarkana was supposed to take us six-ish hours, but the weather turned sour on Tuesday so we had to stay the night at the Shreveport Sister's place. No big deal, there was just like a tornado warning, and they didn't want us to die or something. It's like whatever.
My companion's name is Sister Harker, and has been out for almost eight months, but has only served in Madison Mississippi until now.  I like her. We're actually opening the Wake Village area (a city within Texarkana), which is really cool, but will be a lot of work, because I have no clue how to do anything, and she's never opened an area before. It'll be one big learning experience I guess. Nobody was quite sure what area we were actually taking over, and it didn't really seem like the president had decided either.  Some sort of consensus was met by the Elders, and we now have quite the chunk of land. I don't really know what's going on half the time, but I'm told we'll be doing a lot of tracting because the area hasn't had much work done in a long time. Idk. We have some referrals to work with as well, but there's just a lot that needs to get done. Sister Harker says she wouldn't be surprised if we had two transfers together, but with another big group of Sisters coming out next transfer, she said we could very well have our area split and both be training. Either way it looks like I'm here to stay! Pretty crazy, huh? You send me off to Mississippi, and I find my way over to Texas. I'm just trying to keep you on your toes.
Did you get my long letter from the MTC yet? I'd be most upset if it never made it to y'all (I'm practically southern now so I am allowed to say things like that), because it has way more information than my journal. ALSO I finally sent off the Mother's day package, and a response for Kam from the mission home on Tuesday, so let me know in your next email if all those find their way home. I ended up getting four packages in the MTC, so I felt real loved: one from family, one from the Dodsons, one from mis amigas, and one from the BYU bookstore with cookies from mi amiga Emily. We had TONS of food in our residence, because the other girls got stuff too. On Saturday night we had a little fiesta to try to eat all of our stuff. Thanks for everything, I was a very loved missionary in training. I promise I'm working on responses for everybody, but I have like ten letters left to write, so it's going to be awhile... The plane ride didn't turn out as fruitful as I was hoping, I only got like three done... I was sitting by some guy who was getting chatty, so totally not my fault (he was already a member too, so my pass-along card from the MTC sadly went untouched). Sorry about the super quick phone calls! We were in and out of the airports pretty quick, otherwise I would have made better use of the phone card!
Our address is 523 Redwater Rd Wake Village, TX 75501. Our apartment is way cute, I'll try to send out all my pictures next week. Love you all!! BYE!
-Sister Markle

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